Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

The Halloween project is finally done and up on the vault!
I've only had time to check out a handful of the contributions, but the standard is great, and it's pretty humbling to be up there. Major thanks to the BouncyRock team for making this happen (and if you download this for one thing, it's got to be Jonny and Liso's house!!! You won't look at NWN2 the same...). As someone mentioned, the campaign, if nothing else, is a great resource for builders - clever scripting, custom content galore... amazing to see what a motivated group can do in a couple of months, and I hope it is the first of many to come. So people - download it, play, enjoy and vote.
Even in the few I've played so far, it's been interesting to see the variety in themes and ideas people have used. Amongst all the fun, Elysius' mod really impressed me, and took me back to some of the old style adventures. Very well executed. Other real stand-outs for me were Vendalus, JasonNH, BlackRain, Anduraga, Ree&Liso and Dirtywick - and I love the take GPS have on the candy they give out. And if Amraphael's house is a hint of Zork to come, I can't wait - nice set ups in there.
Now, I just have to finish off the rest.... before Fallout 3 arrives in the mail....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HalloWyreen is coming

Just submitted my entry to the BouncyRock Holloween event - fingers crossed for it all working ok! Should be good fun trick or treating everyone else's houses!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Still around...

...just not being very productive. Slowly working on the HalloWyreen entry for the BouncyRock Collective (see screenie), but otherwise not been on the toolset much at all with other things going on. But made a point to start Subtlety of Thay 2, which is looking pretty sweet so far.