Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, Pathfinder has finally been released (I'm awaiting my hardback copy, but the SRD is online). As 4e D&D really hasn't excited me, I'm hoping this re-envisioned 3.5e might keep the 3rd Ed flame burning a while longer. It's got some nice ideas for some of the core classes, and even each race is treated a bit differently in terms of bonuses. Will be interesting to see how it developed compared to the WotC marketing of 4e.

Meantime, highlighting overlooked custom content, I like mushrooms. Fried in butter and garlic, a little cream. Atop a toasted brioche.

Anyone else have fungi-based recipes to share?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pet hates

At the moment, my pet hate is the fact that all the people I work with, who have spent the past 6 months dithering over whether they want me to do something, now all decide en masse they must have their projects done at the same time... so much for the summer lull.

But what are people's pet hates in modules? We often talk about what people like, but what about the flipside -little things that become big turn-offs? Feel free to mention burning horse companions that can't navigate the walkmesh, poor area design, unfinished campaign series... ;) . I guess for something to be a pet hate it has to be common enough amongst different modules to become a grind. Mine is probably lip-flappers on PC responses -perhaps because I read fairly quickly, but I find it slows the flow down too much, especially as 1) you've read the PC options already before deciding on which to pick, and 2) there's no PC voice-over anyway...