Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kickstarting Modding?

Hello all! Still here - but a lot going on since I was last on the NWN2 scene. Now playing more pen-and-paper RPGs than ever before which is A Good Thing(TM). Also looking at playing/running games over Google+ and their free hangouts - check out the games at ConstantCon. The future for virtual tabletop RPGs? Could well be... I'm pretty quiet on the social networking/blogging side of things, but hook me up on Google+ if you use it (email in profile bar to the right).

I've not opened up NWN2 in quite some time. Been replaying IWD2, dabbling in Skrim, enjoying Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes immensely, kicking a$$ in Arkham Asylum, toying with A SoU/HotU replay, and reminding myself of how much I suck at (but enjoy) FPS games with RAGE.

Was reading a thread that got me thinking today about the old modding scene - specifically about Kickstarter. For those who don;t know, it's a way of scoping out interest and funding for your nascent creative project. Issues with the site/ethos aside, it got me thinking - would people have used this in the modding scene back when we were all trying to make those multi-chapter juggernauts ? Would it have improved productivity? I'd be interested to hear from the ossian crew their thoughts as to if it would have made a difference?

(note: I'm not advocating one way or another here - just genuinely interested in the implications and people's views)

I might start using the blog more for general RPG thoughts rather than anything NWN2 focussed - if that means you want to delist, just giving you a heads up.

Hope all are well!