Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kickstarting Modding?

Hello all! Still here - but a lot going on since I was last on the NWN2 scene. Now playing more pen-and-paper RPGs than ever before which is A Good Thing(TM). Also looking at playing/running games over Google+ and their free hangouts - check out the games at ConstantCon. The future for virtual tabletop RPGs? Could well be... I'm pretty quiet on the social networking/blogging side of things, but hook me up on Google+ if you use it (email in profile bar to the right).

I've not opened up NWN2 in quite some time. Been replaying IWD2, dabbling in Skrim, enjoying Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes immensely, kicking a$$ in Arkham Asylum, toying with A SoU/HotU replay, and reminding myself of how much I suck at (but enjoy) FPS games with RAGE.

Was reading a thread that got me thinking today about the old modding scene - specifically about Kickstarter. For those who don;t know, it's a way of scoping out interest and funding for your nascent creative project. Issues with the site/ethos aside, it got me thinking - would people have used this in the modding scene back when we were all trying to make those multi-chapter juggernauts ? Would it have improved productivity? I'd be interested to hear from the ossian crew their thoughts as to if it would have made a difference?

(note: I'm not advocating one way or another here - just genuinely interested in the implications and people's views)

I might start using the blog more for general RPG thoughts rather than anything NWN2 focussed - if that means you want to delist, just giving you a heads up.

Hope all are well!


Jclef said...

Good to hear from you, bud. I'm digging your playlist - Go go Batman!

If you haven't yet, try The Binding of Isaac. You can get it on steam for like $10. It's fairly new and from the developers of Super Meatboy. It's twisted and fun.

I'm likely going to be using Kickstarter myself in the near future. I'm working on a small game right now that will be ported to the Android market and I'll be asking for just enough to cover the additional license required to do so.

It's a great service for indie startups and underdogs, that's for sure. I still can't believe how much people can get for their projects. It's amazing!

Amraphael said...

You're alive, cool! You have lots of good gaming going on there.

Have to agree with Jclef, check out tBoI, crazy fun action adventure/rpg.

Never heard of Kickstarter before but it seems a really interesting concept and I surely will keep an eye on some projects.