Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Slightly belated. Enjoyed cooking to celebrate it, and went slightly better than my Burn's Night celebrations earlier in the week. Burn's Night is something that might not mean much to those outside the UK, but the key aspects are haggis and good dram o' single malt whisky (note, no 'e' in this whisky). I cooked haggis canneloni as a varient on haggis lasagne, which still seems like heresy, but went down well.

There's something oddly therapeutic about putting hak packs together and reordering 2da content as necessary. Yes, it gets tedious after too long, but it still has a certain charm, and certain logic, to it. I've been tinkering with a few things on the toolset, and looking at the Forgotten Realms-specific content on the vault to see what there is that can really bring a realms setting to life. Next on my list is to dabble with the Overland Map to get a handle for what's required, and see how much of a barrier to using it there is. Then, with some handy pointers from Lance, I'm planning on picking up on some initial digging I'd done into the new crafting mechanics.

Once, they're done, I'll see how I'm feeling about getting properly stuck into something new

A poll to the right I'd be interested in people's thoughts on - there's a lot of talk about the state of the community, but from the players and builders, I'd like to know what will keep you sticking with NWN2 this time next year? Something struck me the other day - having read through 4e D&D, and having played all incarnations of D&D (and still playing in PnP Rules Cyclopedia campaign), for me 3.5e is where I'm happiest, and where I feel D&D is the most coherent, consistent, expandable and logical system. I can have fun with other editions, but 3e is what I'd come home to. And NWN2 is likely to be the last bastion of 3e D&D for computer gamers. That to me, seems a pretty good reason to stick with NWN2 and the community. I'd be interestd to hear others thoughts on this (and the poll)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Belated New Year

Well, it turned out to be a damp squib of a Christmas break for me as i came down with nasty bout of flu on Christmas Day, shivering despite a raging temperature, that knocked me out until gone new year. So back at work, with everyone else rested and rejuvenated apart from me feeling like I need another 2 weeks off..!

Anyways, I'd hoped to have some more screenies building on the Arabel work to post, but I didn't get on the toolset much in my drug-addled state other than to play Fallout 3 some more (which is still great fun, if level progression is a little too swift). Might have something to show in next couple of weeks....

All modders should check out the latest NWN Podcast. Some interesting tidbits from Atari Europe in there....