Sunday, November 29, 2009

Community SoZ Booster Pack

Chaos Wielder, currently developing Shagret, has cried out the immortal lines "Modders ASSEMBLE!" in a post over at the forums . The idea is a nice one - and it echos a recent contribution by sterling community contributor Kaldor Silverwand and his NWN2 SOZ Makeover. The idea is to add more content to SoZ by letting players bolt-on community made dungeons to the overland map. In one fell swoop, increasing the content, playtime, and refreshing the game for players. As White Plume Mountain will contain a lot of overland map-linked sidequests, it's the kind of project I'm doing already and am keen to contribute. I have lots of side-dungeons I could contribute, but instead I've decided to do a new specific dungeon for this project, which I'll submit soon, but incorporate into White Plume Mountain too. I've been doing a lot of Yuan-ti quests for the Serpent Hills recently, so I decided on a Coiled Cabal Outpost, which should fit the SoZ plot nicely, plus some Viper's Fangs assassins. Was a nice buzz to be working on something 'new' but that would also fit in with my own project - so I'd urge any other builders that may have/need dungeons for their own projects to see if one can be cropped out to contribute to this idea.

Some screenies below, initially from a WPM area, but the from the in-progress area I'm going to send to Chaos Wielder. And yes, I am too addicted to the jungle fog vfx. It's too good and hides too many sins. Hell, I could be happy just putting down caves filled with that fx and nothing else sometimes....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thissss issss lassst weeksss progresssss

(including a wicked exterior of the Great Petrified Serpent courtesy of Amraphael again! Now populated with appropriate nasssstinessss)