Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back from hols

...and very relaxed (or I was until I snuck a peak at my work inbox...). Mexico and the Yucutan peninsula were great fun, and got to visit some amazing Mayan ruins, as well as cycle, abseil, zip-line, and kayak through the jungle and swim in an underground lake or cenote. I loved the latter, as it got me thinking about dungeons and caves in the D&D setting (especially ropers, given the stalagmites there). Particularly as I'm working on a flooded cave section at the moment.

Results of the Companion poll are in:
  • Contessa (14)
  • Black Death (8)
  • Seich (7)
  • Gork (3)
  • Briars (1)

As there's more focus on Contessa in Chapter 1 (and she's a feisty teifling) it's more or less the order i was expecting at the top. Only one vote for Briars is a little sad - true he's not cut of the heroic cloth and he's very deferrential to the PC. Hoping the backstory plot I'm working on now will flesh him out a little and make him more appealing - it will bring in more confrontation with Gork too if he's in the party. I'm thinking about another companion to add (a paladin/fighter) but worried it will bring too much work at this stage. Could be done if I write out one of the existing companions (Gork) for the full version of the campaign.... will need to think on that.


Ernie Noa said...

Welcome back. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing!

Lorft said...

My first thought was - Wow, what amazing area screenshots! and where are those ruins in the toolset?

About 30 seconds later I realized I have maybe been modding a bit too much today...

Looks like a fun Holiday though, and maybe NWN3 for those areas hey?

Amraphael said...

Hahaha, I thought also they were som uber cool screenies and I alsmost saved them to disk before realizing the were holiday shots. Nice pictures though so Welcome back, hope everything as you excpected and wanted on the trip.