Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change is as good as a rest...

...I think it was a case of being around one plot too long, as I've been playing around with another module idea, and feeling quite enthusiastic about it. Will dabble and see where it takes me.

Wanted to thank all the support I got for DA tho. Was great to read and meant a lot. I will see about bringing it all together if I can.

Read a report that computer game sales are going up in the "current economic climate" (seems to be the buzzphrase at the moment). Really, this should be something Atari use to push NWN2....FREE GAMES!! There's been talk that there isn't enough official word to promote the vault and all it's offerings and I agree (although I can understand why a company might want to distance itself from some content). If they'll be officially adding support for PWs via GrinningFools automatic downloader (which sounds like a great tool), would be nice to see some links - something in the NWN2Launcher that promoted all the free modules and gameplay waiting out there for people.

Finished SoT2, which was very impressive body of work. Now on to FoaC, then Trial and Terror. But probably first, got a wasteland still to explore...


Anonymous said...


That is very good to hear. I am sure that I speak for many when I say that a) we love the DA story and b) we want to see it finish some day!

Best of luck and much inspiration on your next project.


Lariam said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the new project in case the dabbling takes you there.

Still planning to play DA 1-2 one of these days, too (not in the near future, though).


dirtywick said...

Hey Wyrin,

Thanks for the mini review on the mod page.