Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Renewing my vows with the toolset

So this trial separation thing, me and the toolset took some time out, saw other people... but it wasn't the same.... That familiar, safe feeling wasn't there. So after crying ourselves to sleep alone for too long, we're gonna try and make a go of it again.... kinda...

Heh. So after not touching the toolset much in the past few months, I've slowly been getting the bug back, and spent a fair bit of time playing around over the weekend, mainly looking at new SoZ functions and content. That said, I still think Dark Avenger will have to be on hold, as it got too unwieldy, and the time out from it would mean even longer before any kind of resolution came along. I think I need to focus on more managable (more likely to actually finish) projects if I'm going to get back into building. As for what to do, I'm not sure at the moment.

First thing I might try is building a city prefab, as it's an exterior type i've not built before, and i want to test out the limits to which baking can be pushed. Then will see how things take me. Still got SoZ and Fallout 3 to finish - almost at the end of SoZ, and whilst bits have turned into a grind recently, it's still been fun overall. I like the new ambient effects they use like birds and snakes - easy way to get new content into the background of the game. Been nice to see SoZ has stirred up more activity on the forums, even if it is people arguing about the likes/dislikes of the new expansion


Chaos Wielder said...

Pah!--manageable projects are for rubes. ;)

Nice to hear you're coming back into the fray. DA series is quite cool, just don't get burned out by making a city. They're, uh, quite involved(but I think you know that).

Amraphael said...

Oh, joyful manageable projects, I wish... Well welcome back to the toolset sect! I look forward to see the city pre-fab.

E.C.Patterson said...

Glad to hear you're getting your groove back.

I've come to the conclusion that the only "manageable" mod is a 90-minute braindead hack and slasher with no dialogue.

That'll be my next mod.

Wyrin said...

hehe I know what you guys mean - it's so easy for some little mouse of a project to grow into a mutant dire rat of a beast.

But I did need that time away from the toolset. so we'll see where things head now

Raith Veldrin said...

Back for unfinished business? *sigh* me too. I had a good run with FarCry 2, Crysis: Warhead, Company of Heroes, Left4Dead, Age of Empires, and look where I ended up?

Crawling back to the toolset crying for another chance..
'Baby, Come Back!'

So, just like I did after I bugged out a short time after the first kid was born with the NWN1 Toolset, I'm begging my way back in the door after a 2nd kid hiatus.

Oh, you'll totally find yourself mindlessly messing with mini-map things for a bit before any real work can begin I imagine.

Ernie Noa said...

I never thought I'd see the day, but I think I've truly hung up NWN modding. After many years and many mods it feels pretty good. Frankly I don't know how I ever had time.

I am however pleased you are at it again. The material you've created has been top notch. I'm looking forward to more good stuff from you!