Friday, April 09, 2010

Dungeon of Swords loadscreens

I'm at that stage where there's no real new content to add (barring something I plan to do whilst waiting for bug reports), and I'm left to go back through the content so far and polish off all the blanck conversations I left as placeholders swearing I'd finish later, and tidy up the journal, then tackle the overland map and all its intricacies. It's all getting there but this last stretch is a bit of a slog - plus trying to complete it on top of work and the looming spectre of moving house is leaving me a little frazzled!

The last sidequest area I finished was the Dungeon of Swords - the loadscreens of each area involved in this overland map location are below. It started off as a mid-level dungen crawl, but then I got kinda vindictive and threw in some higher level beasties with tricks up their sleeves to spice things up a bit, including a half-balor half-dragon I thought would be fun!

Back to it - and hopefully some clear time over the weekend to focus. Been starting to think how I'll handle hosting the campaign for testing; any good reccomendations for hefty filesizes (haks total ~250Mb compressed, and modules more) with stable connectivity (had too many clunk out on big downloads)?


Jclef said...

Hell yes! Excellent looking load screens - awesome looking areas. Great design!

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Another great job by the looks of the screenshots!

Well done yet again. :)


Kamal said...

I used dropbox to host. Up two 2 gigs is free. Speeds are fast.

Also, nice loadscreens :-)

E.C.Patterson said...

Awesome loadscreens! Love that font!

I used Filefront.