Sunday, April 18, 2010

Testing - Part 1: The Sandbox

Well, well. Here goes!

As mentioned before, I'm opening up the sandbox portion of the campaign for testing, and would be really grateful for any and all help and feedback. Not just reporting bugs but also mentioning gameplay elements that do/don't work or could be improved. In particular let me know about combat balance and variety, treasure/weapon/armour balance and variety, areas that feel empty or needing a little more attention. And of course the numerous spelling errors that will no doubt creep in.

I've uploaded the overland map, and all the sidequest areas for testing. The main plot (White Plume Mountain itself) is deliberately missing, and I'm finishing off that whilst this test is ongoing. Overland encounters are currently placeholders and will be changed (made more thematic to each area).

Hak file 1 (78Mb) - put in hak directory
Hak file 2 (176Mb) - put in hak directory
Campaign folder (21Mb) - put in Campaigns directory
Sidequest module folders (216Mb) - put in modules directory
Overland map module folder (70Mb) - put in modules directory

Brief walkthrough for sidequests including recommended party level can be downloaded here (Word doc) . Quests range from level 7 to level 16-18, so try any PC group you like and dive in.

A Readme can be found here - please note, I try and set out my design philosophy in it, so don't test this expecting a tight plot and varied romances; and please bear in mind my design goals when giving feedback.

Please use the following format for reporting bugs - feedback form

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this!


dwarvendervish said...

Great stuff so far! Been running around the OLM to get a bit of XP and such mostly.

A few notes:

1.) Keraptis is mis-spelled as "Kerpatis" (unless there's something I'm not aware of going on,) on a couple of occasions in Soubar (apologies as I do not remember exactly what was the conversation.)

2.) I'd guess there's something wrong with your .hak - I have all the required files in place, but my game crashes every time I face off with a rust monster. They're invisible too. Empty override.

3.) Mag in Soubar doesn't appear to have a conversation linked to her.

Wyrin said...

Thanks DD
1. OK I'll look oput for that
2. I'd seen the rust monster issue a couple of times myself, but wasn't sure if it was repeatable - will look into. You'll only encounter the rust monsters in the Abandoned Sewers and Bright mountain level 2, so shouldn't be too much of an issue - I'll be interested to see if you have the same problem when you meet them in Bright Mountain.
3. Not written Mag's dialogue as yet - also the location dialogue for the OLM are just placeholders for now - they will be fleshed out soon.

Thanks for testing and glad you're enjoying it!

EC said...

Hi Wyrin,

Are you planning a testing phase once mod is complete? If so, I'd keep my time for that version.

Wyrin said...

Hey EC
yep there'll be another round of testing with the white plume mountain content included hopefully in 3-4 weeks time. Was hoping to break it into smaller more manageable chunk. But any help appreciated!

Philippe said...


While seraching the vault for a small prefab village I found your overland map. I will try it and perhaps use it for a module I am planning.

Anyway congrats for the quality and quantity of content you have here

Phil or Krighaur