Saturday, June 16, 2007

Module contest

The top 3 of the Grimm Fairy Tales contest have been announced: 1. Grimm Brigade, 2. The Birthday, 3. Rampion Champion. Of course, this kicked off a lot of fuss; whilst the internet's great, it does allow too many people to voice an opinion sometimes. Played all 3 of those mods myself, and enjoyed them all. Personally i think the Rampion Champion was fun and hard-done-by in the vault voting, but I have issues with that anyway - just look at the comparative number of downloads the different entries got. More showcasing was needed.

I wont reiterate the comments from other blogs suffice to say congrats to the top 3, and well done to all who managed to get an entry in. I PM'd Rob for some feedback on my entry but didn't get a reply... bit annoying but the I understand he's been inundated by complaints about the contest, so I can forgive mine slipping under the radar. Bit disappointed in the reception A Walk inthe Woods got, myself, and not too clear why; apart from people complaining about my spelling there's not much else there! Thining about requesting some more thorough reviews from either the vault or some of the more vocal reviewers. I know my exterior area design needs a lot of work, and hopefully that will come on in my next mod.

Speaking of which, bandit camp now populated, and very tough, but winnable with some tactics. Working o nthe villagers homes - this is when i long for prefab homes/tiles for interiors..!


Berliad said...


Sorry I never got a chance to play your mod. Once I finish Subtlety of Thay, I'm planning to download both it and Rampion Champion. I'll post feedback at that time.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I've heard good things about "A Walk in the Woods." I did not get a chance to finish it either, I simply did not have enough time to play them all. A good problem to have from my viewpoint! :)

By the way, I did just finish "Palace of the Silver Princess." I almost fell over when I saw the original cover because I did not recognize the name until I saw it. I had that module, and I think it was the first one I got for PnP about 23 years ago! Nice work with the module. I have not been able to vote yet because my IGN account is messed up, but I did appreciate playing it very much.

Good luck with the rest of your work.


Wyrin said...

thanks for the comments

as i said I wasnt going to rehash the comments made by others, but I definitely think the contest need more publicity and ongoing publicity to keep the awareness up. Just glancing at the download count for the various contest mods shows how much publicity and awareness counts. THen there's the issue of feedback not being detailed enouhg, but thats a general voting problem

JasonNH - glad you liked PoSP - it still bugs me now about the corrupted area creeping in to that, and would love to be able to go back in and fix them, and add polish. Working from a module was so different to now, working from my notes/head/random thoughts - and so much easier to have something restricting you, in many ways, and providing a better framework for the building. With a module conversion, you dont have the 'blank canvas' issue to freak you out. I might go bak and do another conversion in the future -Castle Amber I'm thinking. As I still play classic D&D, it's nice to see others out there that rememebr the old modules, and the two classics, PoSP and KotB are already converted