Friday, January 18, 2008


Been taking more time to plan rather than actively build over the past week - it helps put things in perspective, and i now have a list of things i should tackle in specific order - I think just being able to cross things off the list will help feel like I'm progressing. I carry around a little blue jotter, which i use to write notes, plans, draft conversations, jot down ideas, sketch areas etc - a sample of my scribbles here. When i still DM'd Pen and paper I'd always have a notebook with me too.

Got an area built for me by Azenn on the forums in just a couple of days and looks great - just right for what i need. Only needed it to yet anothe rplot change, but great to have stuff made so quick that the extra work isnt going to be a burden


Jclef said...

It's funny you say that. I've been doing the same thing lately: A lot planning and solidifying of events before embarking on hard-core TS work.

But more importantly...look at those swans "0.0" - nice area as well!

Ernie Noa said...
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Wyrin said...

well, not a real one, as it was only due to a fault on the vault!

Having a list from planning, and being able to cross things off the list is definitely good - and feels like progress is being made - today I get to cross four things off, so quite happy!

Ernie Noa said...

Oh... well congratz just the same, you know I've enjoyed your mods. :-)

I do a lot of planning like you've mentioned on original works. My last 3 mods have been PnP conversions, Eye of the Serpent, Keep on the Borderlands and then Tomoachan, so I did not have to do as much planning. Now I am updating my original mod, Hythum for NWN2 so again, but I have a wiki up with tons of notes.

Good luck.

Amraphael said...

There you go! A VFX master already ;)
I really like the swans and drool over them in envy. :P

Wyrin said...

LOL! Well, I did learn from the best! Seriously, thanks for your help with the VFX editor - although i do waste too much time playing and tinkering with it now!