Sunday, January 27, 2008

Skype Live NWN2 Builders Forum

I've been kindly asked to join a panel discussion entitled "Modules in Development", so...

Set your reminders for February 10th at 8:30 pm or 20:30 Eastern Standard time -05.00 (US & Canada) - that's ~1.30-2.30 am on my side of the pond!

The Neverwinter Nights podcast is bringing together a crew of NWN2 builders around a virtual table (note to self - check for bombs underneath...) for a panel discussion about all things NWN2 modding. We'll be talking about the modules we have in progress, as well as other aspects of building and playing modules. I'm going to be in some illustrious company:
  • Nalencer - who last month shelved his Siege of Avalon project to work on his own ideas in the northwinds Trilogy, which seem to be coming along really well.
  • Ernie Noa - author of several great modules including the nostalgia fest Keep on the Borderlands, and currently working on his Hythum series for NWN2
  • Amraphael - the guy who's creativity and willingness to make custom content to bring his ideas to life rather than avoid it is making his Zork conversion look jaw-dropping
  • Raith Veldrin - who's soon to release an impromptu part 2 to his Sands of Solvheil series, based in his own really interesting custom setting, and some great area backdrops
  • Delak - who's working on a conversion of Idylls of the Rat King, which I've never played so quite keen to see this
  • LadyElvenstar - who's busy scurrying between her 'A Time To Die' project and working with Gaming Parents Studios on various things including the sequel to jackyo's Night Howls in Nestlehaven (and i struggle with just the one project!)
  • Stygius crew - including the NWN Podcast team plus Jason Roy, module contest winner, working on some modules with some great art and custom content
Phew! From that list, it's pretty obvious I was only asked along to bring the beer and pretzels ;)

The discussion is being run using Skype and anyone interested can log in and ask questions - by voice or text. So, come February 10th at 8:30 pm or 20:30 Eastern Standard time -05.00 (US & Canada) sign into skype and use this private link to join in the fun!

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Anonymous said...

While your picking up the beer and pretzels, could you grab me some iced tea or bottled water? I don't drink beer. Oh yeah and maybe some popcorn too? :P "grins"