Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some more screenies

This area spun out of a side plot I was musing over, and quite like how it turned out. It's nothing fancy - not many placeables - but happy with the mood and lighting.

So this area came about mainly as the result of the poll into cutscenes during dungeon crawling - so one I started led into a whole new branch of plot - optional but if completed will add a nice touch later on.

So, I finally got annoyed with myself on Friday - I'd let myself get too disorganised, and it was really slowing me down. Check out E.C.'s planning on Into the Forgotten Realms , Amraphael's bug hunting on Zork and Elysius' approach to Faithless as examples of building approaches - really puts my scribbled notes to shame. So I sat back and made a step by step list of everything that needs to be done in order to get this chapter finished, and put it all in perspective. Now, in theory I can work through and cross off each step as it's done. List isn't as daunting as I thought it might be, and a lot of it is dialogue/cutscenes, and rounding out the journal entries. I'm thinking about putting out an alpha version of the main quest minus some of these final touches to get the bug hunting underway - by mid-May if all goes to plan. Any willing playtesters, bug-hunters and proof-readers let me know!

One last thing - for builders, check out Dirtywick's advice on scripting creature AI - really handy stuff.


Merecraft said...

Oh no, another creator leaving post it notes behind! Now I'm going to feel even more guilty :p

Great looking screenshots, that looks like a really creepy area to me.

I've been following Dirtywicks posts on the Bouncy Rock forums myself. Very informative indeed.

Ernie Noa said...

Great screen shots. Terrific stuff.

Thanks for the link to Dirtywicks post.

dgraf said...

Great shots and moodines - I know what you mean about getting caught up in "side" stuff. It is frustrating at times, but also half the fun.

from one who should own stock in the "post-it" company

Wyrin said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, I've been playign with interior lighting a lot recently!

I have two post-it notes permamnently on my screen - one with 'BAKE!' written on it, and the other with a list of variables to control NPC behaviour!

Anonymous said...

looking awesome Wyrin! You are right. the lighting and atmosphere are awesome!

Watching dev on these mods is like teasing a child with a best candies! And yet. I can not stop watching!! hehe


E.C.Patterson said...

Great shots. Thanks for the nod. :) Glad to welcome you to the dark, retentive side ;)

Amraphael said...

Looking awesome and as usual, great light settings. Almost forgot. Congrats to the additional 2007 nominations for:

- Best Roleplaying Module
- Best Adventure Module

Your testing method must be right in some way. :)

BTW I written a simple ISSUE-reporter that lets you type down the bugs and such from within the game while playing. It reports to the log-file. Then I've written a small web-based parser that picks out the reported stuff and presents it in a human readable form. I should maybe release it to the Vault. And no, I still got my coloured post-it notes all over the place.

Keep up the good work!

Jclef said...

I really like the lighting there, Wyrin!