Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekend plans

Being abandoned this weekend, and after a hectic week, looking forward to being a slob in some 'me' time. Looks like some of the time will be spent updating to the latest patch in anticipation of Mysteries of Westgate's imminent release.

On my dummy overland map test, things were going ok - custom encounters now firing depending on terrain, added in a few custom random encounter areas cobbled from prefabs. Everything until the Goodie system - how random items of interestare found on the overland map. The more I've delved into the script system, the more I think that Obsidian had one system in place, and then changed it for another (not just with goodies but a few other things), but left some 'legacy' script functions around. So, I'm left not quite sure how the SoZ system actually works, despite attempts to unravel... might give this up and focus on something else for a bit.

Interestingly, I noticed Tiberius mentioned on the MoW forums that 'Ossian's next release could well be compatible with Kaedrin's PrC pack' - indicating (for the first time to me at least) that their next project is in NWN2 (rather than another system). Good stuff. Along with the Podcast news from a few weeks back that proposals for future Adventure Packs are welcomed, it'd be interesting to see what other plans might be out there.


E.C.Patterson said...

After a while, being (momentarily) abandonned sure is a sweet thing. ;) Have fun, and get some good time in with the TS.

I'll be away myself on my yearly boys-only weekend, for some skiing, casual tabletop gaming, good eating and drinking, and Wii playing. No toolset, but a good time in store nonetheless. ;)

Indeed, it's great to see the Ossian folks confirming more NWN2 projects. I wonder now, after the MoW nightmare, if other teams in the community will pitch Atari with a mod idea. It does sound like a great opportunity though.

Wyrin said...

yeah, was toying with a boys weekend myself - watch some classic westerns, few beers, and a chance to DM a one-shot adventure. I'm easily pleased!