Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Pi Day

It's real... !

Saw Watchmen - couldn't wait long after it was released. Was in two minds about how I felt on a movie version, as it is kinda a quintessential comic story. But I loved it. I was amazed at how close the imagery was to the artwork, and some of the shots could almost have been lifted out of the pages. It translated really well, and had a blast watching it. A little sure at first about how they changed the ending (won't go into spoilers) but on reflection it probably fits the modern day better.

In other news, been getting back to doing some writing, which I haven't done properly in a while, and it's been fun.


Frank Perez said...

I have to agree -- the Watchmen movie was awesome. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well they got the actors to look like their comic book counterparts. (Ahem, I mean graphic novel, not comic book.)

E.C.Patterson said...

There's something quite macabre about that pie...

Writing... Hmmm,interesting. This begs the question though: writing what? :)

Liso said...

Step away from the pie!!! ;)

*comes in to waving hello at Wyrin!*