Thursday, April 30, 2009

Module of the Year voting opens

Strong year, 2008, and quite a few contenders vying for my vote. My humble submission Dark Avenger Chapter 2 is there, in esteemed company. Despite FoaC and SoT2 calling me, tempted to vote with my heart and go for the BouncyRock Halloween collective, as agreat realisation of what this community could do.
I'd urge you all to go and support the builders with your vote.


Azenn said...

I wouldn't vote for the Halloween Mod, simply because I'd rather have the honor go to individual builders. It would seem kind of silly to me if that won.

But then again, the award doesn't really matter anyway, so vote how you feel.

Azenn said...

Oh, and how is your new mod coming along, Wyrin? :)

Wyrin said...

I can see where you're coming from regarding voting for Halloween 2008 but I think it was a great example of community talent and with DA:origins coming up maybe a template for the future as solo projects become less viable. But sure it doesn't have the cohesive storytelling and gameplay that deserves to be recognized in other entries

Know what you mean about MotY not really meaning much but hey I reckon asphyxia's got a damn strong shout at it or at getting one of the medals at least

My mod... Well... It actually has fair bit of playable content as I ran through the random bits I'd done and put together... But we'll see. It's still stupid in scale given the lessons I've learned so not wanting to fully admit Im working on it!

Anonymous said...

so voted

Jazhara7 said...

Hey Wyrinsie...I've been out of touch lately.

I forgot, what was the status of the next module currently? I know that Brom's Daughter over at Maerduin's blog is likely abandoned (My heart's still broken about that. :( ), but I've kind of forgotten how things were going here.

So, any future continuation of the modules still planned? Please say yes, okay? :) *keeps fingers crossed*

- :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Wyrin said...

Hey Jazhara

thanks for stopping by

DA series still out to bed, I'm afraid. BUt there's couple of other things I've been doing... perhaps more of that soon