Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Apt Quotation

A quote I came across today on a training course at work gave me a wry smile and seemed very suitable to the modders life

"Planning is an unnatural process; it is much more fun to do something. And the nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression."
- Sir John Harvey-Jones


Jclef said...

That quote makes me feel better!

Azenn said...

I can't tell if that quote is for planning or against planning.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

My response: Quite!

It took me ten minutes to think and plan a good response, but in the end I just wrote it, which took about two seconds. ;)


Amraphael said...

Ah, that will be my quote of the week at Monday. Thanks

/The Planaholic