Thursday, May 24, 2007


OK, taken a bit of time off building since the rush of the contest and generally being busy. Also spent a bit of time playing jackyo123's Night Howls in Nestlehaven beta release - full version will be up soon and likely get into the top list. Great to see a very fleshed out module&plot and impressive amount of work has gone into it - evven with all the niggling little issues that beta testing throws up but are hard to get the motivation to bother with. It's also been open beta'd via the NWN2 forums, which has been good to see people pulling together to see it released. Good luck to him with it.
But have got back to Dark Avenger in the past week. Found it hard to dive in and sat with the toolset open but not acheiving much sometimes. Had one scare crash during a conversation (huge dialog). Lost 2 hours work but fortunatly doesnt seem to have corrupted anythign else
OK, Flashbacks. As I mentioned this is how I'm planning on opening up the roleplaying experience. You start as someone returned from the dead and due to where your soul went when you died (The plane of Hades - from D&D canon - strips souls of emotion, ambition and memories). And what I want to do in the game is give the player the chance to customise his experience - build his relationship and motivation for the whole adventure, by selecting a series of flashbacks during conversations.

These flashbacks define your personality, how you treat toehrs, and ultimately define why you have been raised formthe dead and why you were killed. THis way, each player will have his own impetus and drive to complete the quest. I think its a fun way to do this, enriches the roleplaying experience and hopefully it will work out well. Just means a lot of dialogue writing.
Posted a discussion about companions on the NWN2 forums - upshot is that I'm going to have to add an extra companion, and rejig the skills/feats of an existing one. Nothing too major, but good food for thought in that discussion.
Next time, I'll post some screen shopts of work so far, and outline a recurring encounter - the Maruts!

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