Saturday, May 05, 2007

Obsidian Entertainment module contest

So, as I was starting my first major project that wasn't tinkering wioth the toolset, and that had some sort of thought/overall strategy behind it, a module contest was announced on the NWN2 forums. The theme; "Grimm Fairy Tales". The catch; one month to finish it in.

At first, I wasn't too interested - I'd started something else, and I was no way experienced anough to try this. But then I allowed myself one day playing with the toolset and seeing what ideas I came up with based on this theme. And I found one I actually quite liked - one that would be linear enough to be done in the time. And thus, A Walk in the Woods was born.

The module chose a selection of fairy tales, each to be encountered and played out in turn, amid the back drop of a race to save Prince Charming from an evil spell. As a kid, I'd seen so many Disney films so many times, I was quite influenced by them; the evil witch Melificent is from Sleeping Beauty, and the finale to the mod was (intended to be) similar to that cartoon

I was quite happy with the mod - annoyingly, some changes werent saved or fully ironed out i nthe final version for the contest deadline, so there aree some bugs with the ending. But the flow, the mix of adventure and hack-and-slash, and the writing I was pleased with. I think I've got the nack of doing interiors, but my exterior areas still lack something... I've not used any of the NWN2 plugins to help with these and might have to investigate . I'd learnt somethings from doing the contest too - things about the way I build, so I've taken something from it at least

I was suprised how many contest entries there were. And all seem to be good work (being new to the modding scene, I wasnt sure if 70% would be some 13 year olds effforts at cramming in as much l33t-speak and b00b1es!!1!! as possible), and all have strong plus points. Not really proper ettiquette to comment specifics about other contest entrants (although i think the winner was clear after only a few days...), so I'll leave detailed thoughts for now. Apart from, one thing I noticed was sometimes an underappreciation of people playing non-optimal or non melee builds. I like to try wierd builds and mods are the perfect place to do it. But some don't cater to this. Not just contest entries, but also existing modules. Maybe this is just a personal thing...

Next update - I'll introduce Dark Avenger, my work-in-progress, with maybve some screenshots

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