Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1st area done

OK, despite a crash whilst baking, the first area is done, scripted and dialogued. Good to have mini-milestones like this to chalk off. The crash was really frustrating - and quite bizarre. There was no temp folder left for me to pilfer/recover from, and there was no area corruption - the main gripe was that I'd lost a full conversation (as well as the Hound Archon blueprint I was designing). In many ways I'd rather lose an area than a conversation. Writing something again, without notes, I find that once the inspiration has gone, it's hard to get it back. THe first conversation I wrote flowed really nicely, but now with me rewriting it from scratch, it's definitely not as good. Might have to come back to it.

So on to the next area... well, it was going to be the hidden military stronghold, but I've decided instead to incorporate a side quest based around one of the companions, Briars. There have been comments about the linearity of Chapter 1, which I'm not too put out by as I will openly admit that I didn't include countless pointless sidequest (as I think they would have detracted from the impetus). But I do want to expand on Briars and this is a good opportunity for his character development, and to explore other aspects of 'revenge'

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