Friday, August 03, 2007

Psychology (another moan sorry!) and Subtlety of Thay

From my own experience and seeing it mentioned/hinted at in the posts by others, there's a definite psychology to building with the NWN2 toolset. Builders are committing such a large amount of time, that I suppose this is inevitable. And many of those that built form the early days of the toolset (and some still) do so with a toolset that gives them little love in return through crashes and corruption. I've found I definitely go through periods when I'm so focussed on working o nthe toolset and the mod, it occupies a lot of my time and thoughts. Right now, and it seems to be a pattern after releasing somehting for it happened after Walk in the Woods too, I hit a slump, when I can't gee up the enthusiasm to hit the toolset and start working. I think currently it might also be due to work and toher real life issues - general stress/tiredness stifling creativity. I so need a holiday. Sorry, I seem to moan too much on this blog about it all, but at least it seems a comon issue!

So I'm on a little break. I fully intend to get an update to Dark Avenger out this weekend, but I can't see much work being done apart from that. I am putting mor etime into playing - the OC and also Subtlety of Thay - I'd started this not long afte it came out, and whilst I was impressed with several aspects, the way I found my goody barbarian character going through the plot after an hour or so's play didn't inspire me. So I stopped. Retried now as a more mercenary warlock (firsttime tried the class and its not bad), and I have to say I'm enjoying it a lot more. Some vey nice technical aspects to the mod - mine cart was very well done - nice setup and execution. I'd like some more character interaction and development, but what's there is good. Looking to finish soon, then will get a vote up. Not eto self - must vote more

On a more positive note, =now all the Hall of Fame mods have been moved out of the top 15 list, I've got 3 entries up there! OK, OK its nothting to be too proud of givne they had to make way of all the 8+voted older mods, but it raised a wry smile when i saw it ;)


Berliad said...

OK, OK its nothing to be too proud of given they had to make way of all the 8+voted older mods, but it raised a wry smile when i saw it ;)

I think it's absolutely something to be proud of--what other author has released the amount of good quality content that you have? Maybe your mods aren't all scoring like Nestlehaven, but from what I've seen of your work, it's very good stuff.

I'm really looking forward to playing Dark Avenger (your other two mods are still on my playlist too), but time always seems like such a hard thing to come by...

P.S. Definitely take a break! Just promise to come back, k?

Wyrin said...

Thanks for the compliments, Berliad. Maybe I was a little ahrsh on myself. Dark Aenegr is a first attempt at a 'breakthrough' mod for me whereas the others were playing/learning with the toolset. SO I'm pleased at the reception chapter 1's got so far.

Lack of time... tell me about it..!