Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Joy of Prefab-Terracoppa sex

As I mentioned before, my plan is to use prefab areas a lot more from now on, to really free up my time. So I've had fun with two areas so far - Teper's swamp and SGK's farmlands. So I've mainly been importing and modifying these rather than build my own areas. In some cases there's some fairly heavy modification, but having the basic texturing done is a great time saver. The Terracoppa tool is also handy for manipulating prefabs to get out of them exactly what you want. Good example - the farmlands prefb had an area that would have been perfect to use - but it was in the unwalkable surroundings - so terracoppa let me easily slice out the section I needed and move it around.

The second half of the screenshots are form an area I needed to make myself. I've kinda got to the stage I often find myself in with area building - all the terrain sculpted and key placables fitted... but now I just stare at the texture pallette and try to work out what to do next. It's this first leap into texturing I find the hardest bit.


E.C.Patterson said...

Well, we do get our geek-kicks where we can. ;) Looking good. Just don't go dreaming about prefab sex now. ;)

Does that mean DA3 is going to be rated Mature/Adult?

Just to let you know, I'm into that sort of practice too. I just hadn't gotten so kinky as to get Terracoppa to join in too.

Merecraft said...

I want to have TerraCoppa's babies! Without it my mod wouldn't exist, it's just an absolute godsend.

That's a nice looking marsh!

Phoenixus said...

That Swamp or Marsh looks pretty good. That one I've seen before up on the vault. It's impressive.

But you may have to work with that farmland/village one. It's a little baren.

As far as texturing goes. I kind of pre-plan my texturing by going to the corner of the map and blending all 6 textures togather in a pattern, then swapping out each one for another until I get a good combo.

Wyrin said...

Yeah the village is still one texture at the moment. That's the problem I have, picking the right textures I want. I always have a long pause before I start playing with textures and combinations.

Frank Perez said...

Regarding prefabs, I've actually been thinking along the same lines as you. I realized that while I can churn out a decent outdoor area, there are lots of modders who can do a much better job than I. It makes perfect sense for us modders to concentrate on what we're good at and to download stuff that others can do better. Unfortunately for me, most of my outdoor areas aren't set in the Prime Material plane, but I can still benefit from using prefabs for a few areas.