Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New companion - Ruevena

Feedback on Chapter 2 is positive so far - glad the feel is that its a good development on chapter 1. It's nice to be back on the list on the front page too! Although I think when I released Chapter 1 the minimum score to get in that top 15 was quite a bit lower. 99 modules were released between chapter 1 and 2 coming out. Not bad going really for the community, and signs of it growing and developing..?

As I mentioned, Chapter 3 will bring in the final companion. Ruevena, CE human female Ranger/Sorceress/EldritchKnight/Assassin. She's a 'feral mage' as i've dubbed it - a child of the outdoors with a strong talent for magic she doesn't fully understand. I'll leave more personailty traits to be revealed in game - although I'm not really planning on her being a romance option. I'm trying to pick a good portrait for her, and here are some on my current shortlist, in rough order of preference from left to right. None of them quite right so might have to do a bit more searching. . .


dirtywick said...

I like the one in the middle.

Maerduin said...

First off, where have I been?--Congrats on the release! Second, I loved the Thomas Carew. Third, this companion looks like she will rock no matter which portrait you use.

Amraphael said...

The community grows no doubt of it and I start to think it brings higher quality than the old NWN1 *everybody start to kick Amraphael's rear* The modules are shorter but often more intense and well thought-out. And it's great to see the positive response on DA2.

Ruevena (cool name) sounds like an interesting companion and even if I like the middle portrait most the first seems to catch her better. I'm sure that you find the right one along the development.

Wyrin said...

Thanks guys!

@ Amraphael - i think you're right - the first one captures her style better, but ideally would eb done by the middle artist! ;)

Yeah I'm really pleased that the guys who enjoyed DA1 are back and still enjoyed DA2.

Ernie Noa said...

Chapter three. Oh yeah. I still have to play chapter 2, but it's on my list. Loved chapter 1, but you already knew that.

Jazhara7 said...

Hey, sorry for being silent this long. I was a bit busy with a mythical thing called "Real life".

Anyway, I like the third one best, but the second one is nice too.

The first one...it scares me. And it's not her beast-like feet that scares me. No, the thing that scares me...is her boobs. O_O They just don't look *right*. *shivers*

And now, I can finally get back to finishing Dark Avenger 2. Pesky "Real life" keeping me from the important things. *shakes fist threateningly* >_<


- :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

- :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Me too for the one in the middle. My character is female, but I think the middle one is HOT.

Dave Fritz