Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tristor screenies

Some more screenshots of the village of Tristor, hub for chapter 3 Act 1. Progress on this area has been slow but getting there. The area's split in two halves - a village and a swamp - each with different texturing needs, which makes it a little trickier to handle. I had this problem with the Thornton Hough area from chapter 2 - grassy cliffs and sandy beaches -and you need to plan it carefully so textures management doesn't get too tricky... Progress so far

Shrine to Shaundakaul

Gates of Tristor

Temple of Ilmater

Things always look better in the toolset - that's my excuse anyway...

Baug's Brewery

Sunset by the Hanging Tree

Sunset over the marsh

Moonlight on the windmill
Part of the reason for slow progress is that I've been playing more. Recently played the new release Howls in the Dark - for anyone looking for a good story driven adventure, I can highly recommend it. My reviews on the vault. One of the most enjoyable modules I've played in a long time so congrats to Rasvar. Check it out!
Something that's hitting me as summer finally gets underway overhere (weather system seems to have just realised it's meant to be sunny and is rushing to catch up) - I need to improve my fitness. Never been exactly what you'd call 'svelte', but since my stomach op last year, and all this time spent at the toolset, it hasn't done much good for my health/fitness over the past year. Unless anyone has ideas for combining the toolset and exercise (using a bike to power my PC..?), I'm going to have to start hiking/cycling a bit more...


dgraf said...

Bike power - I like it. Or maybe even treadmill power - I can see it now - balancing the laptop in one hand... well maybe not!

Ernie Noa said...

Great screen shots. Love the bog/swamp.

Maerduin said...

The screens look great. Man I miss working with areas that aren't snowy.

Thanks for sending me your spirit shaman!

Rasvar said...

Hey Wyrin, thanks for the recommendation. Nice screenies!

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