Thursday, August 21, 2008

From little seeds, giant pumpkins grow

It started as an innocent request on the forums. Irradiated by a mysterious green light from outer space, it mutated, and grew into the vast despicable be-pumpkin-holder you see above.
Jclef and the bOuNcYrOcK massive are organising a special event for Halloween and calling all builder to contribute. Check out the links above for more details. I'm going to skim through Heroes of Horror to flesh out my ideas - one of my favourite 3.5e splatbooks actually. Readers of my blog last Halloween will know I'm a big fan of the Evil Dead films, but might try a different tack here. Looking forward to seeing how this comes off - I've talked before about how I think it'd be good for the builders to work together more, and hopefully this could be the start of beautiful sweaty limb-thrashing gore-filled relationship
In other news, I officially threw a girly hissy fit during a toolset crash on saving an area after updating to 1.13 the other day. Two crashes since updating which doesn't bode well - but what annoyed me more was that I'd just gotten back into it after a break from building and written two conversations with companion interjections i was quite proud of... Luckily no on around to witness my tantrum... and fortunately the folder I was left with was recoverable, and all the dialogue work was there. A new computer is due in the coming weeks, so really hoping the extra memory will sort out any remaining toolset woes.


Shaughn said...

I have had 1 massive crash since the update to 1.13. I broke into my backups and replaced the mod I was working on only to get more errors. This went on for a while until I discovered that the toolset had actually corrupted my campaign file and everything else was fine. Loosing the campaign was a first for me.

Liso said...

Awesome post Wyrin!

Thanks for getting the news out!


Josh said...

First off, thanks Wyrin for the free advertisement. You rock!

I've only had a crash during a save happen once to me, and that was quite recently. As you probably have already read my rant with the Asylum. It crashed during a save once throwing the OutOfMemory exception.

The bigger the area and the more stuff inside that area, it becomes quite a bit more unstable. Surague Escarpment and the old version of the Asylum are both pretty notorious for crashing on load. So my advice is to try not to create huge regions. Break em up. It'll make your life as a modder easier, and put the grief out onto the player (but nothing that they can't handle usually).

At least you are working in directory mode. If you weren't you would have lost those conversations as well. The downside of directory mode, is that the toolset doesn't see fit to actually create backups for modules in directory mode. It would be nice if Obsidian could add that feature in without wreaking havoc.

Delak said...

The question I have to ask is this; Do you need a new computer because of the tantrum?

Speaking from personal experience I have lost my temper on a occasion and destroyed a console controller or two. Not the best moments in my life thats for sure. Lucky no one was around to see it.

Frank Perez said...

As a fellow modder and big fan of horror, all I have to say is, let's grow giant pumpkins together. :D