Friday, August 01, 2008

Podcast is up

Enjoy my less-than-dulcet tones!


Liso said...

you did an awesome job! "nice voice" hehe good humor and just a great interview!! Be sure to listen everyone!


Starwars said...

Sat and listened to the podcast while munching on some newlybaked bread and drinking a Staropramen (yay vacation!).

Great interview. The podcast is a great place for a modder to find some inspiration, and it's just great to get a voice to match these Internet personalities who release all this cool stuff to play.

Thanks Wyrin and the Podcast team!

Wyrin said...

mmm staropramen's one of my favorites... :) frsh bread - sounds like bliss!

Eat2surf said...

Hey there!..

Your Only Neverwinter Nights Podcast is suffering from some server problems.. we've managed to re-direct

to another machine.. but our official address is down for the moment