Sunday, July 18, 2010

Building a head of steam

It was great to finally feel I've settled in the new house by setting up a (disturbingly clean, at least for me) computer desk, and to sit back and have the toolset open. Usually that desk is also piled high with D&D books and scribbled notes - my mind is no way near as organised as that desk. Its slow going at first, getting back into the toolset, but I liked going back to the scripting and refreshing my memory. And after feeling my way round over the first day, reacquainting myself with just what needs doing, I'm starting to pick up speed on the bug quashing and polishing.

So far I've been working my way through the bug reports and the list as transposed over to the Bioware Social Forums. Most are fairly easy, and I've finished scripting a Geminator as a way to lighten the load for all the gem loot drops you pick up out in the field. That list has almost halved, which is a great feeling. Annoying the real time sink has been going into the game to test things out, but that's good in itself to keep me testing the gameplay.

Some screenies from a testing jaunt down into the bowels of Bright Mountain - also to serve as a reminder of the great custom content I'm showcasing from the community in the campaign. Here's hoping the move to the new forums will maybe bring in new/returning NWN2 players.


Amraphael said...

really nice working area you have made for yourself. Glad to hear that you're back on WPM. I've not been able to play so much with the last release as I'm working around the clock in our basement to get our new heating system in place before it's freezes over here in the North. I look forward to play it soon and that the new forums will blow some live in the community.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

When I first saw your picture, I did think "that's a tidy desk". I was relieved to hear that was rare and it sounded more like my own at the end. ;)


E.C.Patterson said...

Nice! Crisp, fresh painting on the wall too! I suspect that glass top won't stay smudge free for long though...;) Do you really keep your screen to the side?... Ouch! Can't quite make out the games you have there...