Monday, July 12, 2010

SomethingAwful : White Plume Mountain

Stopped by the Something Awful site for the first time in ages and randomly noticed they had one of their WTF, D&D! articles on White Plume Mountain! Might not be to all tastes, but a bit of an insight into the module nonetheless! Plus an omen maybe..?

Finally moved in, and just managed to get computer up and running before the World Cup Final started. So hope to get an update out soon. Got quite a backlog of updates/fixes to work through (on top of the inevitable time to reacquaint myself with the toolset after the few weeks break).

I've had one report of a tester reaching the fane (heart of the volcano, see above screenshot) of White Plume Mountain, meaning completion of two of the module conversion segments, and about as far as its possible to go in the current test version. Next up would be the final showdown in the Arena of Devastus on the Plane of Shadow where Keraptis awaits (below). Also glad to hear the miniquest of obtaining the Holy Avenger was working.

Then there are the bugs (mistyped waypoint tags) and the BUGS (beholders that are immortal despite there being no valid reason why they should be so) to iron out. bugs I am happy dealing with, but the illogical BUGS can be incredibly infuriating. With somethign teh size of WPM, i'm fuilly expecting bug reports to trickle in post release, but as long as I can solve the BUGS, I'm hoping I can get this out by August. And then , finally, to enjoy playing some of the other projects nearing completion (see blogroll, which I've been reading but not commenting on due to limited internet access - hope to make amends). Seem to be quite a few exciting sparks in the embers of NWN2, which is nice to see.


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Wyrin,

I noticed the intro mentioned "Tomb of Horrors" as a comparison. I really did think that was an extremely tough dungeon and never had the heart to play it as designed. The evening would have been over just too quickly. ;)


Anonymous said...


Kamal said...

It did make for a fun read, along with the rest of the wtf DnD articles.

Anonymous said...

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Vittala said...

I am really looking forward to trying this Module out... I probably will wait for the next update but can't wait to relive such a classic dungeon.

Anonymous said...

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