Friday, July 02, 2010

RPGMaker software

Anyone tried this? A generic RPG making software.

seems like a neat idea. Torchlight is on my list to check out too - any played that and dabbled in the mod making?

Tho maybe I'm getting ahead of myself...


Jclef said...

I've played Torchlight and it's pretty fun - good sounds, neat cartoony look and animations, all in all, totally worth the money I spent.

I haven't tried modding it yet though. That would probably be pretty fun too. I imagine it's not anywhere near the depth of Electron or Aurora. So you might be able to bust something out in quick order - I'd play it! :P

Starwars said...

I greatly anticipated Torchlight but was slightly disappointed, I'm not sure why. I like Diablo-like games but Torchlight felt a bit light to me... Kept wishing for more depth to the system. I got bored of it fairly quickly.

But it's generally very well received so, worth a try I'd say.

Anonymous said...

The RPG maker games are a *huge* step down from NWN2 in terms of investment of time to product. I'd steer clear of them as a whole.

Also, I echo Starwars when it comes to Torchlight. It can be fun, but it's not a classic. Your mileage may vary, however.

Kamal said...

I played Torchlight. Very much worth the money if you like the Diablo rpg style. I mean it was only $20 when I bought. I enjoyed it a lot. It has a bright distinctive look like jclef said.

That said, I checked on mods for it, and there's not much for depth or new areas (it seems tile based). Once I finished I started another character of a different class, but lost interest as I do with all games in that style.

Fun, not deep. It also had an odd difficulty scale. I cruised right through quite easily until the last few levels area theme, where my character got completely crushed, and the endboss was impossible until I went and looked up how to beat it.

Zach Holbrook said...

I'd like to add my voice to the chorus recommending Torchlight without any promises that it will actually enthrall.