Sunday, November 18, 2012

Savage Tide Session 11

The party set off from Tamoachan, and started investigating the stowaway/sabatoeur. Zhedd spoke with the animals on board - his companion Artemis and some rats - and uncovered information that a sweet-smelling blonde woman had been near the animal's water supply, and a dark haired woman had been seen to vanish before their eyes. Stephanie confirmed that there was poison in the water (arsenic). Captain Venkalie was informed and agreed with the party that thy should take on new water supplies from the next river estuary they came across en route to Raven's Scarp.

Unfortunately, the next river, buirsting into the sea over a waterfall, was home to a seven-headed hydra. The party battled a war of attrition until it became clear that the beast could only be killed by cutting each head off and cauterising the wound before two heads could sprout in its place.

The Sea Wyvern made it to the Thyatian colony of Raven's Scarp, where it docked overnight. Some of the passengers and crew spent time ashore, before returning for an early departure in the morning - Lavinia still keen to draw as little attention as possible to the expedition.

One day out from Raven's Scarp, the night watch was alereted to a very sick priest - Father Feres, in agony and insensible in the cabin below, much to Avner's impatience. Stephanie examined him and found a strange growth in his belly, which turned out to be a slaad egg implanted in his body. A remove disease spell was enough to cure the infestation, and when 'Father' Conrad Feres came to, he came clean that he was not all he'd seemed. He'd been hired as a mule to take an item fro mthe Temple of Ixion in Sasserine to the shrine in Raven's Scarp. This package was a puzzle box - which was recognised as the symbol of Loki, or Bozdogan, the Trickster immortal. The box was opened to reveal a map, annotated by the head priestess of the Temple of Ixion with strange symbols relating to a range of places across the globe. Also inside were scrolls of contact other plane. Conrad put himself at the party's mercy.

The next day, Mendel was approached by Fantella, the woman who had won the archery competition he devised, and asked to meet her for a romantic tryst - a skinny dip in the sea. Magically compelled to do so, Stephanie and Jardek were suprised o nwatch to see Mendel appear on deck, disrobe, and climb overboard. A spell could then be heard being cast from inside the ship, and a shark appeared in the water next to Mendel. When the party got below decks, they saw no sign of the caster. Fantella, when questioned, denied all knowledge of this, and had been below decks suffering from sea sickness much of the past day. Conrad admitted seeing this woman twice walk past his cabin, and shoook it off as deja vu. The party resolved to draw the sabatoeur out of hiding by coercing Conrad into holding a fake ceremony the next day to bestow Ixion's blessing on the ship as a distraction whilst they set their trap...

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