Sunday, November 18, 2012

Savage Tide Session 4

So the action started with the party still in the lair of the Lotus Dragons, discussing their tactics and options for getting out alive. The discussions were cut short with the sound of splashing from the flooded area west of them - and two more Rhagodessas emerging from their den, lured by the scent of dead bodies. The party fought them off, and then waded through the water to the chambers beyond. Not spotting the devilfish that swam past them in the murky waters, the party found themselves surrounded by the nasty snapping ray-like creatures, and a small boat of thieves. Scraping it through the skirmish, the party managed to capture the boat and a thief, ready for interrogation. The thief revealed that the Lotus Dragons had not fallen into disarray with the loss of the Dragon Mistress, but were currently being rallied by a man named Kersh, hidden elsewhere in the complex.

With a boat, and a passageway out to tthe waterways of Sasserine, the party took the opportunity to escape, heal at the Temple of Ixion, and plan the next steps. Lavinina was told of the full involvment of her brother Vanthus in their parents murder, and that he was currently headed towards a rendez-vous with some smugglers at Kraken's Cove. Healed and prepared, the party revisited the taxidermists guildhall, only to find it reoccupied. The taxidermist tried to hypnotise the party are they broke in, with two thieves guarding the front of the shop, but the party overwhelmed them. Descending back into the thieves den, they found a series of hidden corridors surrounding a large chamber beneath the well in Dead Dog's Plaza above - home to a group of theives waiting in ambush, and a nasty crocodile lurking in the waters. Two worgs had been placed on alert to guard possible entrances to the northern parts of the complex - allowing time for Kersh to attempt an ambush, posing as a captured merchant being tortured by the remaining thieves. The ruse was quickly seen through due to some experience with the fale knots used to restrain the 'prisoner'. Kersh was quickly surrounded and defeated. The remaining theives were captured - but set free after agreeing to tell the party where the wanted criminal Bargle the Infamous could be found (in an abandoned plantation house to the west of the city).

The Lotus Dragons defeated, the party reported back to Lavinina and were pointed in the direction fot eh city watch to explain what had been uncovered. Having rested, healed and recovered, with a little time for some shopping, the party were summoned before the Dawn Council to be rewarded for their efforts. Lavinia offered them some items from her parent's days as adventurers, and the party then travelled to the banquet held in their honour. Each member was awarded the Spire of Sasserine in recognition of their efforts (+2 diplomacy/gather information in the city), but perhaps more importantly, introduced to each head of the noble houses and the accompanying churches in the city. The session ended with the party rehiring Captain Amella Venkalie to pilot a ship to take them after Vanthus Vanderboren, headed for Kraken's Cove.

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