Sunday, November 18, 2012

Savage Tide Session 13

The party awoke to their second morning stranded on the Sargasso. They spent the day shoring up defences on the ship. That night the strange kelp humanoids attacked again but the party were secured below decks - until the creatures began pouring through a small gap between the boards of the hull. Two passengers were engulfed and began attacking the party, but we're quickly dispatched.

The following morning it was clear that the plant life was attempting to keep the ship within the kelp island's embrace, as the mast had been damaged. Clear that they would have to bring the war of attrition to an end, the party set out for the centre of the Sargasso. They found another shipwreck, seemingly abandoned save for a booming noise from the submerged hold. The bloated corpse of a Drowned Dead emerged. Profexion succumbed to its drowning aura, which the others fled only to leave Kathryn behind as the undead hulk pummelled her to death. Two members down, the party returned to the ship. There, two passengers offered to join their efforts - Krunk, a Norwold barbarian, and Dacien, a Belkadiz elven Abjurer.

The new ensemble set back out for the centre of the mass of seaweed, fending off bloodthirsty blooms as more kelp humanoids crept up from the island floor to herd the party towards their goal. This turned out to be an old vessel buried deep in the floating island, engulfed in the kelp fronds but watertight to the sea. As the humanoid kelp monsters amassed at the ships perimeter, the party descended into the hold. The air was hot and humid, and home to a deep pit of writhing, mewing, nascent kelp creatures - and their mother, a huge mass of sentient rotten seaweed tentacles. This was quickly dispatched, which caused the Sargasso to break apart. The party quickly retreated to Dacien's rope trick spell and took refuge until the Sea Wyvern returned to pick them up.

Amella took some time to get her bearings now that the nighttime mists were no longer blocking out the night sky. The previous storm had blown them far to the north - so much so they'd need to circle down the eastern shore of the Isle of Dread. With a magically conjured breeze, they set back off on their journey to Farshore.

As the Isle came in sight, the skies darkened and a massive storm hit. Amella struggled to control the Sea Wyvern, made increasingly difficult as the ship entered the swells atop a shallow reef. The ship was holed on both sides of the hull, flooding the lower deck. Many of the crew and passengers were lost, as the party used a magically conjured boat to escape to the shore. As they then got their bearings, a giant famished Tyrannosaurus Rex attacked and swallowed Grunk - which soon turned out to be a fatal error. The party awoke on their first morning, shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread.

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