Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dark Avenger Alpha released

Late sunday I suprised myself and managed to get an Alpha release of chapter one up on the Vault. It lacks the journal entries I've been procrastinating over, a couple of conversations, and the polish (background NPCs etc), but it's playable. Feedback trickling in already has been positive, which is great to hear. Lots of little things I need to go back to sort out - its amazing how different people with different playstyles throw up all these issues! Big one is that thigns will runs very differently depending on who is in the party - lots of content could be missed. Maybe I need to make the journal entries hurry the player along to specific areas first, but I do like to leave the choices open.

It's been good to get some motivation and encouragement, - i think everyone gets toolset fatigue at some point. Still toying with how to release this - whether as separate chapters or all in one campaign - my gut says go with the latter, but I fear that will take some time to complete, and might never see the light of day, whereas separate chapters keeps it ticking over. We'll see; Chapter 2 is quite brief, and I'm wary of it being a bit too hack and slash for the feel of the campaign. Chapter 3 sees the party head to the city - and I'm dreading the amount of work that will take!

I'm juts releived people feel intrigued and drawn in tothe story - so they might be hungry to track down these Elders and get some payback! ;)

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