Monday, July 09, 2007

Slowly, slowly....

Most of my time I get on the toolset is at the weekends - early mornings and late night around spending time with my s.o. However, this weekend, I didn;t get much modding time in at all - needed to pick up car from garage, meet s.o.'s parents, shop for clothes that i can be vaguely seen in public in, sort out the overgrown garden... normal life things... I enjoyed it, as have spent a lot of my recent spare time on the toolset. But I was suprised how I've woken up Monday feeling a bit down, like I've acheived little, and there's this niggling urge to find some more time during the week... (but that might also be due to the fact i didnt feed my caffeine addiction at all for 2 days...)

Don't get me wrong. The time I did spend on the toolset, I got 3 of the companion conversations done (at least as fleshed out as I intend for chapter 1), with back-story and different level-up options (Thanks to FRW - pinched script from Thay, as it was much tidier than my effort). I'd been puttig those off for ages. I'm really pleased with Seich's back-story - dwarven cleric of Umberlee. I'm suprised how much he's grown on me as I write him, more so than Contessa, the tiefling bard, who I thought would be more fun.

However, I also made another rash last-minute extra content decison, and decided to do an epilogue - so that needed a new area (1/3 finished), and conversation (written but untested).

Current word-count ~40k. Might reach 45k by the end of chapter 1. I'm really concerned about some conversations, as I think, when reading them back, its obvious where I get tired/uninspired, and rush some parts. but conversations are tricky to edit and reshape once written rather than start from scratch. I might have to go back and put in some more roleplaying options at certain points, which shouldn't be too difficult.

Thinking about putting out request for testers later this week... maybe next.


Lorft said...

Sounds like caffeine deprivation to me :) I went cold-turkey a few months back and it knocked me out for about a week.

Keep at it, sounds like you are getting near a test candidate now.

Maerduin said...

I myself am a caffeine addict, though I hardly ever realize it until I'm feeling completely warped and strange on my third day without the stuff.