Sunday, July 15, 2007

Inspiration and Journals

Whew, took me whole day yesterday to get one monologue done. Fairly key in terms of advancing the plot, and is the showdown to Chapter 1. As always my scribbled conversation notes changes completely as I actually started typing, and it went in a new direction i hadn't considered, but I quite like it. There's a quote i nthe nmovie Labyrinth from Jared the goblin king (Bowie), and I keep coming back to it as I write the dialogue for this mod.

"Just let me rule you and you can have everything that you want.... Just fear me, love me, do as i say and i will be your slave"
I love the contradiction in that -and have been inspired with it at several places, and for seveal NPCs. It reminds moe of a scene in another of my favourite films, Spartacus. There, having escaped from their slavery, Spartacus and his love meet in a field, excited at being free and together. Spartacus says "We're free, no one can ever tell us what to do again"; his love agrees, but then says "Forbid me ever to leave you" - it's the freedom from slavery, but the willingness to be a 'slave to love'. No one beleives me when i say I think Spartacus has some great romantic moments in it, but maybe it's just me...
I'm coming to a sticking point with the journal entries. I think because I've approached this mod as i would do an PnP game, its difficult - different NPCs know different things, and the PC can talk to them at any point, and do things in any order. But ultimately the PC starts knowing where the chapter will end. This makes the journa tricker to handle well. To be honest, as its a story driven mod, I'd rather not use the journal at all, but I know I'd be flamed for it. And I know how bad my memory is - especially when playing mods/the OC - as I'm largely on the toolset, it can be weeks before I pick up a mod or the OC again, and I do get sketchy on details. Will just have to bite the bullet.


Anonymous said...

Wyrin D'njargo:

I had to leave this comment anonymosly because I don't have a google account. Feel free to contact me if you'd like help with testing. You can pm me at the vault, or leave instructions here.


Anonymous said...

I started playing your mod today and I am very much in love with it. I was really waiting for a story-driven RP mod for NWN2 so yours is just what I was looking for. Will comment more after I play through the alpha several times :)

-chiffon (no google account)

Wyrin said...

Thanks for all the positice feedback! I'm waiting to see how this alpha is received befor eplannign out the other 4 chapters - I'll post more then