Saturday, September 29, 2007

MotB first impressions

Very nice. Graphically a lot smoother for me, and I'm getting less slow-down in fights. AI still a little screwy IMO. But plot intriguing so far, voice acting good, companions interesting.... and lots of nice things I'm seeing that will be great additions to the toolset - waiting for you outside the first town is a horse (woohoo!), which is long-past-due.

Good to hear some new music and will be using that liberally in the future I think.

Here's the new critters - quite exciting to see, and giving me lots of ideas.... and they've only gone and included tentacles!! (see here for my earlier crude attempts).


Ernie Noa said...

Hi Wyrin,

I know this is off topic, but I did not see an email address for you. You posted about a new version of Keep on the Borderlands on NWVault. Specifically you mentioned companions. Companions are front and center in my latest mod, Tomoachan. Tomoachan runs 3-4 hours, if you happen to check it out I would be curious to hear what you think about the companions. I agree with your post on NWVault about companions being critically important and I feel like they finally turned out the way I wanted in Tomoachan. No pressure, I know you are very busy with other things you need and want to do.

Thanks for posting information about MOTB it was interesting to read.

Sorry again for being off topic.


Wyrin said...

Hey Ernie,

Actually i think I was the 1st / 2nd person to vote on Tamoachan! My comments are still up there.

Rereading it - I didn't mention the companions in detail other than to say I liked them and wanted more. Maybe a few extra cutscene when enetering areas to commetn on the surroundings. I know that there's only so much can be done, and for me writing companion dialogue was one of the most time consuming things, but I enjoyed what you had. I liked the running from a shotgun/spearpoint wedding , and that set a different nice tone to the background for the mod.

Thought it was interesting to have a direct comparison for two different module conversions. Whilst I know that your KotB has less companion development than I'd like, it has a lot more 'personaility' in the rest of the mod than the new offering IMO - hard to explain but the story felt more involving in your take on it.