Sunday, September 02, 2007

Screenshot - Raven's Lake 2

Update on the abandoned gnomish village I'm building. Doesn't look too different than yesterdays or all th time i spent on it! Main as a lot of it was fiddly item placement around some of the gnomish burrows - lots of lining up and placeable resizing.

The grass will look greener - that's as I've chosen my two core crass teextures for the area. IT's good to fix these from the start to know that all tiles will have 2 textures accounted for in their total 6. I use a practive area to test overlaying the grasses at different percentages to see which go well together. I'm using grass34 (mossy) and grass12 - first placing both down at 50% on the background texture, and then I'' go back and make patches slightly stronger
Place down the cobbled road too - first off at a base 20% - this is because I'll want to strenghten some areas later but keep other more green from the grass, where the path has become overgrown.
Started choosing the trees for the area - much like textures its good to get a core and stick with them (although you can play with the tree seeds to get more variety. Biggest tip I think there is for trees is to remmeber that a) they can be sized and scaled to get variety, and b) they can be lowered under the ground so the trunk isnt visible - this can create some nice undergrowth effects.


Anonymous said...

Hey mate, just wanted to say I absolutely loved your module and am *really* looking forward to seeing your next work of art!

Huge thumbs up mate, keep it up please!!


Wyrin said...

Thanks! Really appreciate the support. Chapter 2 is coming along slowly but surely!