Friday, September 14, 2007


Hm. Progress with Dark Avenger is very slow - mainly through lack of time, but i also fear that it's the realisation that the project is probably not going to see the light of day for a VERY long time, making it harder to focus on with real enthusiasm. I've been thinking for a few weeks now about this - and maybe putting aside my own projects to offer help to some of those that are more likely to be finished - much as E.C. Patterson, skilful creator of the Daark Twins has done by putting aside Garden of All Evils to help out Jackyo with NHiN2. I still feel I have lots of ideas, but not enough time to flesh them out as much as they deserve in one go.

Coupled with this, is the fact that MotB has gone gold (got my preorder in, thanks to winning a competition on Amazon), Purgatorio will soon be out, as well as releases from others like Hugie - that's a lot of playtime coming up! And the bar will be pretty high after all that. I've seen some lament the lack of solo builders as more collaborative/joint projects go ahead (Phoenixus had quite a coup getting dirtywick's help for Tragedy 2, at the cost of us not seeing the Thay story developed, I suppose). But i do think it's difficult for one person to build... (especially someone nearing 30 who's meant to have a grown up job an' all...)

So I'm having a short break, whilst I work on a secret mini-project that will hopefully be feasible with only a few weeks work. But I suppose this is also a call out to anyone who might want someone to help with their projects - dodgy scripting skills, abstract area designer, enthusiastic roleplayer and D&D fan! Dark Avenger will lurk in the background... waiting.... calling, no doubt, but I think I need a healthy dose of realism. And the building community is something I only really discovered with NWN2, but enjoy and want to remain a part of if i can.


Anonymous said...

Hey mate, I'm really sorry to hear that you won't be working on dark avenger anytime soon, but I also understand.
I used to make warcraft 3 maps, after spending 2 months making a certain map I got totally burnt out on it and I still haven't plucked the courage up to open world editor again! although I gotta say I may polish the map up a bit soon..

But anyway I understand your position and am behind you all the way matey!

If you want any help with your module then say so here, I don't know too much about world editor (Although I have fiddled about with it and made a small module w/ speech), but I am willing to learn or at least give it a try if you want too!
Anyway 3 cheers mate! Cya later!

Wyrin said...

Hey, thanks for the support - really appreciate that!
I don't want to give up on Dark Avenger, but I think I'll work on it at a slower pace for now. Thanks for the offer of help - I might come back to you on that!

So, like Monty Python;s Norweigen Blue parrot, it's not dead, just sleeping. And maybe I can feel moe productive on other projects for now (secret project coming on strong!!)

Anonymous said...

lol Good stuff mate! Ever want help just say!

RA-Punzel said...

I sure wont give up on Dark Avanger...I still hope you find the time and motiviation to carry this fine module/campaign on!

Thx vor your time and first chapter :))

RA-Punzel said...

By the way: what's NHiN2?

Wyrin said...

Hi ra-punzel

thanks for the support!
hehe NHiN = Nighthowls in Nestlehaven - the top NWN2 mod: