Saturday, January 09, 2010

Rock and Gnoll

Keep forgetting to take screenshots when I'm testing things in game, which isn't very helpful. Couple of shots above from the latest work - fleshing out the cave known as Dead Gnoll's Eye Socket from the original White Plume Mountain map - see below.

I've used this map as the basis of the overland map as the sandbox for the player to explore, and its regions like Dead Gnoll's Eye Socket that I'm populating at the moment. Gnolls are nice in the NWN2 toolset as they are one of the few 'monster' creatures that let you play with different armour appearances so you get a bit more variety.
Not had as much time on the toolset as I'd hoped over the holidays. But did get to contribute to the SoZ Expansion project led by Chaos Wielder and play through Trinity by E.C. and GPS, both of which I highly reccomend and urge you to check out - those of you still with an eye for NWN that haven't been comepltely seduced by the harlot that is DA:O - be a lady/gentleman and keep in touch with your old loves, especially when there's such great stuff they have to offer you now. Don;t worry, I won't tell ;).


Starwars said...

DA being a harlot is a pretty accurate. It's a good game, but after playing it the first time and really enjoying it, I can't bring myself to go through it again. With all the DLC stuff and expansions and whatnot, I don't think I'll be able to spend any more money on her... er, it. :p

Back to the old dependable wife, who may not be as immediately pretty and seductive, but can cater to my needs in a gentle way.

Err... what were we talking about again? Oh, neat screenshots!

Ronnie J said...

Love those screen shots!
I've been playing DA:O a lot but the first love starts to fade. It's great fun, nice looking but it lacks the complexity of DnD and NWN1/2 that I like so much. If I could wish for something it would be a game as polished and pretty as DA and as flexible as NWN, (with both SP and MP-support of course). As always this wish ends up with a state of the art version of Baldur's Gate :)

Good luck with WMP!

Jclef said...

Great area and shots - your developing some mad skills, bud!

I'm really looking forward to this remake - Sandbox D&D ftw!! :D

Wyrin said...

Sadly, the area is a prefab, so I'm not sur it says too much about *my* skills...! ;) but i do tweak all prefabs to differing extents.

Finished the gnolls - now onto dwarves and driders and drow - oh my!

E.C.Patterson said...

There's something delightfully old-school about that second shot. I know it's just an illusion, but the character looks almost 2D.

Sound like you are making good progress. Looking forward to betatesting this. :)