Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Custom content and the campaign folder

Seeing E.Noa's post about working with custom content prompted me to think of an isue I'd been having - namely with the use of custom content from within the camapign folder

I'd been using the cobweb fx which works fine in the toolset and in game by simply placing the folder within the campaign folder. Sky textures seem to work fine too. But I'm having issues with some of the other VFX I've been working on - which seem to appear in the toolset, but if i save, quit and reload, they have to be manually reset to make them appear again.

Another issues came with the cliff pack which is a great add on to make cliffs using the core cliff textures in the toolset, but not have them look too stretched. THe beach and the area I'm now working on needed good cliffs and this seemed like a good solution. Having no experience with 2da editing, I played around, got the MotB placeables 2da, added the relevant lines from the clif pack 2da to it, imported them into the game with the data files in the campaign folder - found they all had the wrong appearance (I'm guessing because the 2da entry lines were different), so manually altered the appearance to the correct ones which were in the drop down menu - et voila - i had cliffs in the toolset! .... but not in the game.

So has anyone experience with using the campaign folder for CC? I wanted to keep the install simple i.e. mod file and camapign folder if possible, but I guess override/hak is an option. But anyone have any ideas?


Raith Veldrin said...

I've had some funky CC issues too. Lipflapper files packed in .MOD work fine from initial load on, but vanish if savegame loaded (so those require override/hak/or campaign.

I haven't tested the bubble VFX Adam Miller let me hork as far as initial load vs. loading savegame. I'm wondering if I will need throw those in the override too.

Doesn't CC just make your pull your hair out!?!?

Never used the Campaign Folder, though it seems like the best way to go. I've just been hesitant to make such a commitment, lol.

Ernie Noa said...

Did you get anywhere with this. I set up Keep on the Borderlands as a one module campaign to take advantage of the world map. Now I need to lace 6-7 mods together as a campaign. It locks up when loading in game but works fine in the editor.