Monday, February 11, 2008

Module update 11/2/08

OK recovering from the lack of sleep after staying up for the NWN Podcast Rountable last night, which was good fun.
Finally made a start on the militia base areas - the climax to this chapter. The exterior base area is proving pretty large and complex, so is taking quite a bit of time to play with (taking a few crashes into account too). Some VERY early toolset screenshots are below.
When you enter the area, depending who you have in your party, you will get different suggestions on how to make the assault on the militia base easier - each involving a mini-sidequest to gather resources. Some options will appeal to some PCs more than others - all or none can be taken. When assaulting the base, there's the possiblity of taking the hidden entrance - which is going to prove complex to account for which route you take through the base and who is encountered in which order.

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