Saturday, March 22, 2008

Area contest entry

Well, I bit the bullet and finished off my area for the contest and you can find the Forgotten Ziggurat here. I'd had the idea for this area for a while - based on stacking the mausoleum placeables as building blocks to create a large structure. The area is actually planned for Dark Avenger - but not until sometime in Chapter 4 where it would be involved in the culmination of Gork's sidequest. I deliberately wanted a dark dank swamp environment, and I am quite happy with the way the building looms out of the fog as you approach.

Some screenies, then I'll get back to the proper business of finishing chapter 2.

Thanks to all voting in the poll - bit suprised at the overwhelming desire for more cutscenes and speeches, but thanks for the feedback (and extra work!). Just finished a sidequest in the miltia base involving a Sembian ambasador, but will add in more bit like this too.


Indira Lightfoot said...

This ziggurat of yours is very hot stuff indeed, Wyrin! :D

Very moody and monumental, a thing to house a plot climax, no doubt! ;)

Amraphael said...

That's impressing. The dark stone construction that builds up before you and the evil-looking stairs. Very creative use of the X1-pillar. What I really thing makes the whole thing so pretty is the lighting. I think this area will stand strong amongst the competitors.

Wyrin said...

thanks guys for the comments!

The area was always going to be about atmosphere, so glad I pulled that off!

Ernie Noa said...

Very nice good sir. Very creative, I hope you do well in the contest.

Shaughn said...

The stacking to make the pryamid is a great idea. With the green/yellow in the sky and fog it creates a great mood and feel about the area, there is no question that something dark and disturbing is going on. Best luck with the contest.

Anonymous said...

I had fun running around this area. WTG Wyrin!!!