Monday, March 03, 2008

Quick update

Well, I breezed through Sands of Solvheil 2 and had a good time. Played an invisible Blade properly for the first time and quite enjoyed using the Feint mechanic - great fun cutting something up, leaving it half dead, then ignoring it to pick up loot whilst it missed all the AoO's and bled to death :)
And thanks to Raith, I had a bit of inspiration to get back to writing, and got a key dialogue done. Took most of the afternoon once you inclide adding in all the speaker/listener tags and scipts. It includes another flashback, which was fun to script out, and gives a little more motivation for the PC...

Got a few days off work, so fiddling with the toolset some more - been making militia blueprints all morning so feeling a little cross-eyed. Touch wood, the rank and file will now spawn with a random race and random weapon, to add a bit of variety, rather than having all soldier humans with head 1 and hair 7. Speaking of blueprints, I get to move onto the captains and leiutenants next. If anyone has a fun warrior build they want to see incorporated, give me a shout - open to suggestions.

New Obsidian contest is announced - area design. Now, I know I wouldn't have a hope here, but I do have a nice idea I've been wanting an excuse to try. And the prize they're offering is so funky it might be worth a quick entry...

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