Saturday, March 01, 2008

Poll results: sidequests

Thanks to all who voted in the poll. Answers to the question "For those who played Chapter 1, do you think later chapters should have more sidequests?" were
  • No, it's story-focussed and too many sidequests detract from the flow - 2 (4%)
  • Some companion-specific sidequests but nothing too unrelated to the story - 25 (60%)
  • A few random sidequests to add variety perhaps? - 6 (14%)
  • More sidequests - you betcha! - 8 (19%)

I found that reassuring, as I know DA follows a tight storyline and doesn't allow as much freedom as some other mods. Needless to say, there are more sideplots to come (especially so in chapter 3), so stay tuned.

I'm actually finding building a little difficult at the moment - I keep opening the toolset and fiddling, not getting much productive done, or starting new areas before I finish old ones. And avoiding writing some cutscenes, which is bad because i know the dialogue and cutscenes should be my bread and butter.. The drive to get this finished its there, but think I need a mental break. Sands of Solvheil 2 is up on the vault (well, I'm cheekily nicking it from the ftp site ) so might try that out for a bit.Congrats to Raith on getting part 2 out.


Alazander said...

I definitely find that taking some time out to play other games helps me to re-focus when I'm finding it hard to be productive. Looking forward to Chapter Two 2!

Raith Veldrin said...

Thank you sir, for your diligent run through of the mod. You saved me some real heart-breakers there (although I was sure to introduce some of my own).