Friday, March 28, 2008


Just written a long rant about how builders should play more mods and players should give more feedback to builders, but deleted it as rereading it, I came across as a dick, and I hate those kind of preachy blogposts anyway. It's often important to review things written in haste or in anger - the number of draft emails I've written at work to have a go at someone, only to delete once things have calmed down.... but it is fun to vent sometimes... ;)

Some time ago there was talk about starting a consequences style module - like the dinner table game where people fill in their own parts of the story

  1. There was a man called .................
  2. And a woman called .................
  3. Who met at .....................
  4. He said .......................
  5. She said .......................
  6. And the consequence was ...........................

So people would take it in turn to collectively build a mod, without necessarily knowing the overall direction or how it would end up. I thought this was a pretty interesting idea but it seemed to die a death, and given the builders that read the blogs, wondered if there was any interest? I could imagine a contribution of any size to be worthwhile - someone builds a start area, the next person might take that and add a dream cutscene to the on enter, or add a trapdoor to a basement etc, the next person might add a companion to that area, or whatever inspired them. Not sure how well a freeform plot might work, but it might also be something to help builders keep their own projects fresh -- a break in doing this could be good. What do people think?

Oh, and sticking with the theme of consequences... my girlfriend asked me if I had 3 wishes, what they would be...

  1. That I had the guitar playing skills of Randy Rhoads and Eddie Hazel in their prime
  2. That I had a fully functioning Holodeck with safetys that wouldn't go haywire and end with Prof. Moriarty taking over my life
  3. That the wishes would be interpreted benignly, and not in the old edition D&D style of screwing me over, so I wouldn't be given the guitar skills, but not be able to use them due to a sudden freak deformity (actually happened in a game when i was younger..)

And the consequence was I was told to grow up

Oh, and finally for something actually module related - I've never been happy with my choice of portrait for Briars... if anyone has suggestions or links to gnome farmhand/monks, then I'd been keen to see them!


Alex said...

You forgot to ask for more wishes, doi! ;)

E.C.Patterson said...

I think the shared mod idea as you describe it could be given a shot first in a 30-60 minutes experimental mod. It would likely be chaotic but could at least surely be interesting for its form, sort of like some film student short. Then it could be seen whether that concept could be sustained for a longer project.

It might be an idea though to have a producer who'd ship the mod to each builder sequentially and who'd give some guidelines on what should be done next, or at least summarize the mod up to that point for builders. Otherwise it might be hard for builders to "retrace" the mod's path and see what could logically (even if absurdly) fit in at that point.

The producer could also at other times issue a general call for a certain asset and integrate it himself into the mod.

PS: I'm convinced those are not the types of answers your gf was fishing for when she asked you that question.;)

PS2: I'm curious to know now what prompted your initial angry post... ;)

dirtywick said...

What fun is the holodeck if those stinking Cardassians don't come and turn everything haywire?

I'd do something with that project, give me an area or two and I'll throw a monkey wrench in the middle of it all!

Well anyway, the thing about being a builder and voting, commenting, whatever on people's mods is the exact same reason you deleted your post. Who wants to have a 9+ rated mod, play somebody else's, and rate it a 7 or 8? That's like saying mine is better than yours.

You're not going to catch me doing that. I'm on the boards daily helping people solve problems with scripts or whatever. I play mods on occasion, figure out what I like and don't, but I keep that to myself.

Wyrin said...

@ alex - wishing for more wishes i know screws me over!! ;)

@ EC - yeah I think it would be chaotic, but in some ways that would be appealing as a builder. Oh and you're definitely right that those weren't the answers she was after..!

@EC./DW - oh the initial prompt was a few comments spread over a coupe of fora(ums) that got my heckles up.

I agree I find it harder to vote objectively on modules now as a builder (and there are some llike the asylum series which I know aren't my thing, but I can appreciate the work in them and the style - but voting low seems harsh. So I've abstained on a few mods rather than appear to downvote them. DW hits it on the head. THat said, I still think it's good for builders to know what's being produced by all aspects of the community. And also, the blogs here have become more a community for builders than for players too if you look at who comments, which is a slight shame IMO

Anonymous said...

I'll admit, your rant has me curious as well. lol

Getting more players to blog watch & comment. I think several do watch, but do not comment. Maybe there is an encouraging solution some how? Maybe the vault can have a development blog roll page! "Thinks" I can see about adding one to the NWNP site. Maybe one of these wonderful writers can come up with something that encourages players to come comment and get more involved. Voice what they would like to see more of. etc.. Up until this year. I was just a player and podcaster. And I blog watch like crazy, and commented "obviously" So There must be a way to get other players interested in the same.

Your experimental module idea sounds fun! hehe And echoing E.C possibly very chaotic, which I like the idea.