Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chapter 2 on the Vault

Link in the module list to the right!

Good to have it finally up! Although now the tricky bit starts.

People will have to help me out with playtime. I put 5 h as a rough guess, but very dependant on how much you explore - the core plot can be done by covering less than a third of the playable areas. Bit worried it might be short for some - and doesn't seem a great playtime:toolset time ratio :-/

Started The Red Prison yesterday which is fun so far. Also released yesterday with DA2 was Seekers, which I think is an FRW mod. Looks interesting so will check that out too.


Jazhara7 said...

Great! Just downloaded it. Also, I am happy to announced that the console command worked at the Barrow, and I am now in the possesion in the Leopard token. ^_^

- :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Ernie Noa said...

So where is part 3? (just kidding, congratz on getting part 2 done)

Jclef said...

Congratulations, Buddy - I'll be playing this asap!

Jazhara7 said...

Ooops, I forgot to congratulate...Conga Rats, Wyrin!

However, I'm afraid I have to report another problem. This time in the Mayor's house in Raven's Lake. I am trying to build the Clockwork Spider, and know I can find the details on the blackboard. In the alpha version in which I had already completed the Raven's Lake part yesterday evening, everything worked fine. However, this time I get stuck in the first part "...like a poem..." of the dialogue when clicking the Blackboard. Nothing happens when I click "Continue", I am just stuck there. I already found out what I need from the Spider, now I just need the exact details from the Blackboard.

What's more, when I use the Dark Avenger 2 script in the Mayor's House, I get that same dialogue for some reason.

Oh, and in that same area too, I get catapulted back into the corner where the Clockwork Spiders are, because apparently my companions trigger that waypoint too. I do manage to get away eventually through a complicated maneuvre involving "Follow Me" and "Stand Your Ground", but it is rather annoying, and I'm sure it wasn't your intention for it to work that way.

- :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Wyrin said...

Thanks for the props guys!

Jazhara - there's no change on that dialogue form the alpha to this so not sure what's up. Do you have different party members? MIght be I messed up one of their cycles. SO does the conversation just give you the continue option that you can't get out of?

The DA script playing is tho is very odd.... are you saying it launches the blackboard conversation?

And the jumping spider script is on my bug fix list - thought I'd solved it sorry!

Jazhara7 said...

Well...I have all companions (as in: I removed the Party limit.) with me, so one not being there should not be the problem, unless the fact I have too many is causing the problem. Though really, yesterday I also had everyone with me, and everything went without problems (apart from the Slingshot Spiderscript, of course.).

Basically what happens is that the dialogue window (NWN 1 style) opens, and the "Continue" option shows up. I can click it, but nothing happens. I can press "1" on the keyboard, and nothing happens. It's just stuck there. I can exit by pressing ESCAPE, but that doesn't really help me in completing the task.

What I meant with the DA script playing is that when I activate the script book item (you know, the one you find in your burnt down house), it doesn't fire the regular dialogue for the item, but rather fires the Blackboard dialogue (complete with non-functioning "continue" option) instead. I had activated the item to see if maybe the "Area specific help" could solve the problem. Of course, that attempt was flaunted when I got the Blackboard dialogue from that too. Outside of the Mayor's House it triggers without problems, too.

Oh, and I think I should add that the Mayor's house is very hard to navigate. I have to manually navigate past that Font in the middle of the room. And I have to manually click my way up the wooden thingy where the Alchemical Workbench is located on. Though that last thing might be inherent to the game, as I've experienced trouble navigating those wooden plateaus in other modules.

Sorry for bringing you so many reports of bugs... :(

- :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Wyrin said...

thanks jazhara - I'll look into that area when i can. I wanted it to be a cluttered area, but think I might have got it too cluttered. Really confused about the dialogue tho as that - the script giving you the blackboard dialogue is just bizarre.
does this happen on reloading?

Jazhara7 said...

I'll have to see if it happens on reloading. I'll report back when I see what happens.

Meanwhile, there's something in the Ranger's cabin that confused me. It's specifically in the root cellar. At one point my character detected that there was something wrong with the wall in one corner, as it seemed to be newer. "Okay", I think, "there might be something hidden there.". But I couldn't figure anything out what to do with that information. There were no secret doors I could see, no things I could select. The only thing I ever got was that bit of information. Is there something supposed to be there?

I'll be back in a second. Just going to check if the blackboard problem still is there after a reload.

- :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Wyrin said...

re. the root cellar - the only thing that comment is mean to to do is give you a hint about the secret passage in the chamber above. I based part of that adventure on a snippet from the Lords Of Madnes supplement - so high spot checks or dwarves can notice that the root cellar construction hides the secret passage you find in the room above (the pantry). I did wonder if people would find that odd

Jazhara7 said...

Ah, I had a suspicion it might have something to do with the passage in the pantry, though I wanted to be sure. Thanks for clearing that up. It's nice to see a bit angular thinking here - who ever said secret passages must not be apparent from other areas, after all? They have to be constructed somehow too, like everything else. ^_^

Also, oddly enough, reloading seems to have fixed the problem with the blackboard...though I just realised I didn't check if the DA Script item dialogue functions properly again, too. Oh well. Most important is that the blackboard dialogue is functioning again. ^_^

Thanks for your help!

- :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Wyrin said...


Anonymous said...

Umm... I took about four to five hours on it but skipped some sidequests because I thought or I was eager to try to find Zabados' sister so I kind of sped through it. Although if you went through it all like the sidequests and whatnot I am guessing it would be eight hours wouldn't it? Hum...

Jazhara7 said...

Just found a little mistake in the Raven's Lake area - the Gnomes have the same description as the Goblins. I only realised now it said "Goblins" - before that I was wondering if you were wary of gnomes for you to describe them as "malicious". :P

- :) :) :) :) :) :) :)