Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just as well I shaved my head again at the weekend...

... so I can't tear it out now! There's been problems for people actually being able to start chapter 2, let alone whilst running it - so if anyone has got it working, let me know! This is the part I hate - when people with everything installed correctly, can't do what I do routinely to get things going in game. Had a play myself last night and spotted a few bugs and a conversation that refuses to fire, so will have to look into that. Maybe I'll be busier this weekend than I thought. Still, thanks to all who can help and are sticking with it! And anyone else willing to help, do let me know - seems like it needs an surgeons touch!

On another note, I'm thinking of buying a new PC, and would appreciate some advice - I know some of the community have bought new rigs recently - what's good, and bearing in mind a lot of my time is on the toolset, what should I look for / avoid? I've heard mixed things about dual processors and how the toolset can't use them optimally - anything I should be wary of?

Work is also causing me stress, as I'm off to a conference in San Diego in just over 3 weeks and have lots to prepare. I've been given tickets to my first ever baseball game - San Diego Padres hosting Detroit Tigers. Not sure what to expect really, so any pointers?


E.C.Patterson said...

That could make a fine ritual: every builder is to shave his or her head when they're getting ready to release. :)

I know you'll be able to fix the issues. Hey, that's what pre-release testing is all about, so I wouldn't worry too much.

I'd like to help, but I don't know if I'd have a chance to test it myself in time.

But you could always describe here what the issues seem to be, if that's possible, and we could try to help you debug.

Uire said...

I had no trouble getting chapter two to load from the bandit map at the end of chapter one. I did have to replay chapter one using the latest version to get it to work, of course.

I was a bit disappointed to not actually be able to talk to Zabados -- he seemed to become rather shy and broke our conversation when I asked him to tell me about himself. ;)

I'm nearly through with chapter two and made notes of typos and what seem to be issues, but since it IS alpha I'm not sure which of them are just incomplete for being alpha and which are not working because it's just not working.

But overall I'm enjoying the game, so you're doing something right!

Wyrin said...

uire - that is such a relief! Zabados' main conversation got snipped from the alpha, but I've added some more since, and it will be leshed out in the final version.

My bad for not uploading the right debug conversation toget chapter 2 to work without the latest upload :/

EC - thanks for the support. I'll see what the issues are and maybe a communual debug would be good!

Anonymous said...

The same as uire for me. I replayed chapter one, but instead of heading to chapter two from the bandits lair, I'd decided to keep looking around. When I there was nothing else I could do in chapter one, I used the bandits map to continue on to chapter two. Great idea that! I couldn't however, start a new game in chapter two.

I'm sure uire has noticed all the things that I did, and has duly noted them. Trouble with me is, if it doesn't stop me from playing, I don't stop playing... kind of makes me a sucky tester. :D

Really enjoying the game so far. I'm in the militia base, having decided to go 'round the back.

Cheers, Bhictoo

dirtywick said...

Baseball is extremely boring, kind of like NASCAR. You'll sit there for a few hours, not a lot will happen, occasionally, someone will hit the ball and another guy will catch it, then you'll have to sit there longer, probably getting pretty drunk because there's not a whole lot else to do.

On the rare occasion that something does happen, it's over pretty quickly. Since it's live and you won't get a lot of good camera angles, you may not even be able to see that well.

So, yeah, should have a pretty good time. I'm not a baseball fan if you couldn't tell ;) You're not either though so you'll probably not walk away with a good impression of the sport.

New computer? I wouldn't worry too much. I got a dual core a few months back, works gravy.

Wyrin said...

bhictoo - sounds like a great tester if you don;t stop playing! I was pretty careful to make sure nothing game-breaking was left. whatever happens you should be able to move forward. But glad you're enjoying it

DW - actually your descriptions mirrors what I've heard from others - that it's an excuse to sit on a bench surrounded by strangers and eat/drink for 3 hours. Not that i need such an excuse.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Dirtywick!?!? Baseball is America's Game! Hey Wyrin, grab a hot dog and a beer or soda according to your preferences and sit back and watch the game. I go to the occasional ball game, mostly minor leagues as the tickets are cheaper. Dirtywick kind of has it spot on, they can be a tad dull, but they are a great place to go with the family.

I DLed DA2. I could not get it to run from DA1, which I replayed from the newest version. I used all the advice you gave and it still would not work so I finally opened it on the toolset, set it up as a separate mod and I'm playing it that way using the Universal Companion system to load the NPCs for the mod. I'll let you know how it goes. So far me likey. I run under the handle Thasic but I don't have an account so I'm now Anon.

Wyrin said...

Thanks Thasic for hacking a way in! Not sure why some are having troubles loading- it should run ok as an independant mod tho as I tested it like that a few times.

Ernie Noa said...

Hi Wyrin,

Good luck with the alpha version. I'm sure you'll plow through the difficulties you have encountered.

Regarding a PC.

Lots of memory. Lots and lots and lots of memory. Then some more memory. Make sure you can support a good graphics card and get something high powered.

I don't have a lot of spare cash and usually look for bargains. I had great luck on the Dell Outlet store. The PCs on the list are not available for more than 10-15 minutes before the are snatched up but if you have a clear vision of what you want and keep checking over the course of a few days you'll get something good for a bargain price.

Last year I purchased a computer for my oldest son. It's not a high end gaming rig, but it is powerful enough to play current games without difficult. We may have a few graphic options turned down but it works. I got it for $250.

Baseball? Not my cup of tea but in the same breath I think getting to see a live game would be fun. I'm not a fan but I think having the experience of seeing a live game and soaking in the atmosphere will be fantastic. I hope you enjoy yourself.