Friday, May 23, 2008


Some quick screenies from my debugging playtests then some questions

OK and now the questions
1. All of a sudden (i.e. not happened before whilst playing NWN2), I exit the game, and I'm getting low virtual memory warnings. Could this be pointing to problems with heartbeat scripts? any other things to check? (I don;t have ideal memoryto play the game anyway, but this has only recently cropped up)
2. Conversation fired from a speak trigger - I know it fires because the conversation abort/end scripts fire correctly. But the conversation doesn;t appear to start or get to/pastthe first node - no text? Given speakers tags are correct (it's two NPCs talking on the first node) - what could be going wrong?

hope the Builders Blogging Brain collective has some pointers!


Amraphael said...

Hi, do the low mem warning pop up when you exit the game completely or when you exit to the main menu? Are the toolset active in the background? Start the task manager in the background on slow logging and check out the cache file just after getting the message you can also watch the process memory usage now and then to see if a certain area makes the game hit the roof.

One more thing, do you recently updated your anti-virus software?

You can also try disabling your hb-script(s) temporary to diagnose the problem.

Wyrin said...

Hi Amraphael

It pops up when exiting the game completely, and not with the toolset in the background. I've done an automatic update on anti-virus, but I always turn off the on access scan so not to interfere with the toolset.

Thanks for the tips tho!

Kaida Rose said...

Hey there. Cool Screenshots, I like the one with the old. I don't mind him, I respect the guy's pride.

Anyway. I have run into a few problems, if you're reading this.

Okay from what I remember I was fighting on my way to that fort in chapter 2 and apparently Contessa died and... My companions weren't following me. So the my character and the horse were a mile away from her.

I used to my characters to step over her so she would respon but that didn't happen. I trudged for what seemed like a long time and got back to Contessa. We were not fighting and she was still lying there dead. It annoyed me, I walked over and still no respawn.

So yeah... It's quite. I had to reload from a saved game. And she didn't die yet, so I don't know if I will encounter the same problem.

Also I trying to talk to Zabadus and he's in my party. I think I supposed to talk to them with a window that pops up right or is it still the talking cutscene? I can't tell which its supposed to be.

Everytime I ask the hot elf to tell me more about himself he does not (, not that he has anything against me :P) the window just closes.

I like Zabados personality. He reminds me of myself, I only fight unless I have too. I can't wait until I get to know more about him! Contessa right he is hot.

It's also funny that Seich and Zabados seem to be competing for my attention. I think it's flattering and funny. Yay!

Good job. That's my bug repport. I can't post on the fourms because of issues. Anyway but yeah. Hope that helped.

I can't do screen shots because fraps screws with my computer.

So far the game is pretty good, besides the bugs. But this is only a beta or Alpha so it's understandable.

I kind of used a build module to make a buffed character for Dark Avenger... When I didn't level my other characters up to my high level they just kept dying. Which left it kind of tricky if they aren't at your level, because I have to gather my party to do things.

When I leveled most of my party up to level twenty they died less often. Brairs, I kind of like him, anyway only stood at level 3 for some odd reason. Also the pyscotic steed was eager to level up for me. I didn't have to level him up. Too bad there wasn't a auto level up button. Oh well.

There's a lot of things I am liking. When Zabados is around Seich is kind of bitchy but less Cowardness. Although I don't really care for theology their debates are funny as hell!

I like Contessa better then I once did. She annoyed me when I didn't know her that well. However she is annoying less and that is a good sign. She is not a whinny damsel in distress which Siech kind of is no offense. She is tough or at least seems to be. And that's admirable.

I like the game! GOOD WORK!

I know this is a long comment but deal. :P

Wyrin said...

Hey Kaida!

thanks for the great feedback. About contessa dying - that might be that she stayed dead because there was an enemy nearby? But there are some bits where you need to make sure you tell the party to follow you.

I've now fleshed out zabados' conversation so there's more to talk to him about.

But glad you're enjoying it!

hope to have a 2nd test / final version up soon.

E.C.Patterson said...

About #2: I had a similar issue recently trying to start a convo with a creature that was somewhat far away from the trigger, in a spot IIRC from which it could not path to the PC (separate walkable zone, and even perhaps when just behind a door) - even though I had set the trigger to ignore start distance. The first node would fire: I could see the NWN1 dialogue gui pop up briefly, then disappear, and see that node's text in the chat box. When I brought the creature closer to the speak trigger, the convo worked fine.

I presume also that the NPCs are not set script hidden?

Wyrin said...

Thanks for the tips E.C. - no not script hidden... I'll try moving them closer to the trigger (and maybe each other )

dgraf said...

Wyrin - re the "low virtual memory" - I had that pop up when I had been loading up my hard drive with mods etc, and was running low on free space. The system expects a certain amount of free space to "do its thing" When I cleared out some junk and freed up more space, the low memory warning went away. Don't know if this is your issue or not, but I hope it helps